Responsive WordPress Slider


Responsive WordPress Slider by MotoPress is an easy to use solution to build beautiful slides with awesome visual effects. Intuitive drag and drop interface, swipe navigation and responsive layout help you to create slides without touching the code. Build SEO-optimized slideshows in minutes and enjoy them from any screen size and computer device. The plugin comes with 3 main slider types: Custom Slider, Posts Slider and WooCommerce slider.

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MotoPress Slider Pro

Upgrade to MotoPress Slider Pro to have access to the following features:

  • Layer effects and styles
  • Duplicating the layer option
  • Priority updates and support

Core MotoPress Slider Features:

  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Opportunity to build unlimited sliders
  • Ability to create SEO-friendly slides
  • Touch and mouse swipe navigation
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready layouts
  • Full-width slideshow support
  • Layer based animation
  • Options to preview a bunch of animation effects
  • Unlimited layers with image, video, text or custom content
  • Easy configuration options: custom animation effects, duration control
  • Opportunity to add video backgrounds
  • Quick Slider settings access directly from the frontend
  • Snap to object tool
  • Youtube, Vimeo and Self-hosted videos support
  • Possibility to set link to each slide and image layer
  • Ability to use slider in both pages and posts
  • Export and import slider content option
  • Retina ready controls

Posts Slider

Additionally, the Posts Slider type comes with the following options:

  • Slideshow Posts and Custom Post Types
  • Select posts from categories and tags
  • Includ or Exclud posts by IDs
  • Set the number of posts to present in the slider
  • Redirect to the appropriate posts right from the slider area

To discover more capabilities of the Posts slider type, please visit its Documentation page.

WooCommerce Slider

And the WooCommerce Slider type is ready to increase your sales thanks a bunch of features:

  • Macros to embed any content type from your WooCommerce store to the slider
  • An ability to filter the products by categories, tags, in-stock, featured and on sale products
  • Excluding/including your products by IDs
  • Determining the length of the product description
  • Ordering your product slides by date, title, id, random, comments, date modified etc

To discover more capabilities of the WooCommerce slider type, please visit its Documentation page.

Page builder integration

Slider can be added to Gutenberg, Elementor, Divi or any other builder via shortcode.

Proud developers of Responsive WordPress Slider plugin and the biggest set of blocks for Gutenberg – Getwid WordPress Blocks.


MotoPress Slider Lite plugin, Copyright (C) 2016, MotoPress
MotoPress Slider Lite plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL


  • CanJS, Copyright (c) 2015 Bitovi, MIT License
  • CodeMirror, MIT License
  • jQuery UI Touch Punch, Copyright 2011-2014, Dave Furfero, Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses
  • jQuery UI CSS Framework, MIT License
  • Spectrum, project by @bgrins


  • スライド一覧
  • スライダー設定
  • Slide settings and layers
  • Sliders list


  1. Upload plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化してください

Read the usage documentation on the MotoPress website


Visit our documentation page for more information on working with MotoPress Slider.


The slider integrates onto my homepage and is beautiful. Great place to post the most recent additions to my website.
after i install this plugins on live there is no problem on my pc and laptop.. then i try it to my phone to check the responsiveness of this plugins.. after i loaded it to my phone i cant see the slider..all black.. possible issue: to much slow loading on mobile devices?


Responsive WordPress Slider はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


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2.2.0, Jan 18 2021

  • Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.6.
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Improved compatibility with https.
  • Updated the list of Google Fonts.
  • Fixed the bug with WooCommerce random slides.
  • Improvment: moving the object, it’s moved to 10 px if the Shift key is held down.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Added the ability to set slider width and height for different screen sizes like desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Added the ability to configure layer size, position and styles for each screen size.
    All these changes dramatically improve user’s perception and overall readability of your slides. For example, you can set your slider to portrait view on mobile, completely re-arrange layers and make a text bigger. There is no need to duplicate the slider and its content anymore. An option of automatic layers positioning and sizing is still available.
  • Added the ability to hide a layer if a current screen width is less than set in layer options.
  • Added the ability to disable automatic resizing and positioning of the layer for different screen sizes.
  • Improved the user iterface. All layer options are now placed under separate tabs for better user experience.
  • Updated the list of animation easing.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with swipe navigation in Firefox.
  • Bug fix: fixed the issue with incorrect layer positioning if CSS transition style is applied to this layer.


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue with widget


  • Added the ability to create fullscreen sliders
  • Fixed an issue with WordPress 4.5


  • Added the ability to preview animation effects of the layer
  • Added the ability of quick access to slider settings from frontend
  • Added the ability to create a new slide from Edit slide screen
  • Added the ability to duplicate the layer
  • Improved SEO of the image layer
  • Improved positioning of the layers with snap to object feature


  • Meet Post and WooCommerce slider
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixed an issue with MsTemplate.html


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.


  • Added a widget to display slider in widget areas
  • Fixed an issue with “WP Editor” plugin


  • Meet Style Editor. Customize layer styles right in the preview area. Create your custom styles or select from the predefined ones.
    You are free to edit font styles, borders, background, shadows etc. All styles are available both for normal and hover states.
  • Added the ability to preview slider from the working area.
  • Added the ability to select slider shortcode from the drop-down list in default WordPress editor.
  • New Fade and Slide-Down slider animations.
  • Added the ability to set easing and duration of the slide and layer animation.
  • New default automatic effect of the layer disappearance. Plugin will set end animation automatically depends on the start animation.
  • Added the ability to initialize slider when it appears in the page view area. For example, when you place slider in the middle of the page and want to start it when the user scrolls down the page.
  • Added the ability to set slider initialization delay.
  • Added next and previous controls to the working area for better navigation between slides.
  • Added new column to sliders and slides list with the visibility information.
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements.
  • Code is licensed under GPL.


  • Added the ability to show slider on certain devices/screen sizes
  • New Swipe navigation. Works both on desktop and touch devices
  • New Slider settings interface with the ability to hide certain controls
  • New retina ready controls
  • Added the ability to set slider custom class and custom styles


  • Improved performance
  • Rebuilt and improved Video Layers
  • Added the ability to Export and Import Slider content
  • Added the ability to set link to Image Layer
  • Added the ability to move and delete Layer with the keyboard
  • New Slide settings interface
  • Added the ability to set Slide Status (Published/Draft)
  • Added the ability to set link to Slide
  • Added the ability to set date of Slide visibility
  • Added the ability to show slide to registered users only
  • Added the ability to set custom CSS class and ID for Slide
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect width in full-width mode
  • Fixed an issue with slideshow and Layer hide effect
  • Fixed an issue with external links and ssl mode
  • Improved integration with Content Editor plugin


  • Bug fix: fixed issue with background video


  • Added the ability to use YouTube, Vimeo and HTML5 video in a layer
  • Added the ability to use video in the background
  • Added the ability to use color gradient in the background


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Release