MultiSafepay plugin for WooCommerce


About MultiSafepay
MultiSafepay is a collecting payment service provider which means we take care of the agreements, technical details and
payment collection required for each payment method. You can start selling online today and manage all your transactions
from one place.

Supported Payment Methods

Payment methods:
* AfterPay
* Alipay
* American Express
* Apple Pay
* Bank transfer
* Bancontact
* Belfius
* Betaal per Maand
* Dotpay
* E-Invoicing
* Giropay
* in3
* ING Home’Pay
* Klarna
* Maestro
* Mastercard
* Pay After Delivery
* PayPal
* Paysafecard
* Request to Pay
* SEPA Direct Debit
* SOFORT Banking
* Trustly
* Visa

* Baby Cadeaubon
* Beauty & Wellness
* Boekenbon
* Fashioncheque
* Fashion Giftcard‎
* Gezondheidsbon
* GivaCard
* Good4fun Giftcard
* Goodcard
* Fietsbon
* Nationale Tuinbon
* Parfum Cadeaukaart
* Podium
* Sport & Fit
* VVV Giftcard
* Webshop gift card
* Wellness gift card
* Wijncadeau
* Winkelcheque
* YourGift


  • MultiSafepay Settings Page - Account section
  • MultiSafepay Settings Page - Order status section
  • MultiSafepay Settings Page - Options section
  • MultiSafepay Settings Page - Support section
  • List of MultiSafepay payment methods in WooCommerce settings
  • Checkout page with MultiSafepay payment methods


To use the plugin you need a MultiSafepay account.
Create an account

Automatic Installation

  • Search for the ‘MultiSafepay’ plugin via ‘Add New’ from the WordPress menu
  • Press the ‘Install now’ button

Manual Installation

  • Download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Unzip the downloaded file to a local directory
  • Upload the directory ‘multisafepay’ to /wp-content/plugins/ on the remote server


  • Activate the ‘MultiSafepay’ plugin via ‘Plugin’ from the WordPress menu
  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> MultiSafepay Settings
  • In Account tab, set the API key. Information about the API key can be found on our API key page. Click on Save changes button.
  • Go to Order Status tab and confirm the match between WooCommerce order statuses and MultiSafepay order statuses. Click on Save changes button.
  • Go to Options tab and confirm the settings for each field. Click on Save changes button.
  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments. Click on the payment methods you would like to offer, check and set or confirm the settings for those been enable. Click on Save changes button.


How can I install the plugin for WooCommerce?

  • Installation instruction can be found in our Manual page.

How can I update the plugin for WooCommerce?

Before you update the plugin, we strongly recommend you the following:

  • Make sure you have a backup of your production environment
  • Test the plugin in a staging environment.
  • Go to our Manual page, download the plugin and follow the instructions from step 2.

How can I generate a payment link in the backend of WooCommerce?

It is possible to generate a payment link when an order has been created at the backend in WooCommerce.
The customer will receive the payment link in the email send by WooCommerce with the order details. Also the payment link will be added to the order notes.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Login into your backend and navigate to WooCommerce -> Orders -> Add order.
  2. Register the order details as explained in WooCommerce documentation.
  3. In “Order actions” panel; select the option “Email invoice / order details to customer”.
  4. Click on “Create” order button.
  5. An email will be sended to the customer with the details of the order and a payment link to finish the order.
  6. The payment link will be available for the customer in their private account area, in “Orders” section.

Can I refund orders?

Yes, you can fully or partially refund transactions directly from your WooCommerce backend for all payment methods, except for Billing Suite payment methods in which it is only possible to process full refunds.
You can also refund from your MultiSafepay Control




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Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.7 (Mar 3th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-579: Remove warning message on validation, when enabling CREDITCARD gateway


  • PLGWOOS-584: Fix conflict with third party plugins related with Discovery exception
  • PLGWOOS-585: Set MultiSafepay transaction as shipped or invoiced using order number instead of order id

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.6 (Mar 2nd, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-574: Add locale support


  • PLGWOOS-575: Change settings page capability requirement from manage_options to manage_woocommerce


  • PLGWOOS-580: Show credit card payment method description in checkout
  • PLGWOOS-569: Remove class that trigger validation styles for ideal select in checkout page

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.5 (Feb 24th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-552: Fix product item price with discounts introduced by third party plugins (#252)

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.4 (Feb 23th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-563: Remove some nonce validations to support custom checkouts forms (#249)
  • PLGWOOS-550: Typecast cart item quantity to int to avoid errors in the PHP-SDK (#248)


  • PLGWOOS-556: Change composer dependencies to avoid conflicts with other plugins (#247)
  • PLGWOOS-562: Add fallback for in3, in case no fields is filled in checkout, convert the transaction to redirect type (#250)

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.3 (Feb 21th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-549: Support custom order numbers generated by third party plugins in notification method
  • PLGWOOS-551: Resize logo if theme used by merchant do not support WooCommerce

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.2 (Feb 19th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-548: Fix iDEAL gateway if no issuer selected in checkout

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.1 (Feb 18th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-545: Remove API Key validation

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.1.0 (Feb 17th, 2021)


  • PLGWOOS-512: Add support for tokenization.
  • PLGWOOS-521: Change order status on callback even if merchant did not save the settings, using defaults.
  • PLGWOOS-530: Process notification, even when the payment method returned by MultiSafepay is not registered as WooCommerce gateway.
  • PLGWOOS-531: Avoid process refund if amount submited in backend is 0


  • PLGWOOS-535: Fix bug min_amount filter
  • PLGWOOS-536: Fix instructions in multi select country field
  • PLGWOOS-518: Fix protocol of notification URL
  • PLGWOOS-526: Fix typo error in AfterPay payment method title
  • PLGWOOS-523: Fix type of transaction to redirect for Dotpay payment method


  • PLGWOOS-519: Improvement for coupons support in ShoppingCart.
  • PLGWOOS-528: Refactor gender and salutation fields to process different validation messages
  • PLGWOOS-503: Move debug mode field to options section


  • PLGWOOS-525: Remove validation in backend for MultiSafepay payment method
  • PLGWOOS-516: Avoid initialize the plugin if WooCommerce is not active

Release Notes – WooCommerce 4.0.0 (internal release) (Feb 12th, 2021)


  • Complete rewrite of the plugin
  • Full and partial refunds for non billing suite payment methods
  • Full refunds for billing suite payment methods
  • Set MultiSafepay transactions as shipped when order reach the defined status in settings
  • Set MultiSafepay transaction as invoiced when order reach the defined status in settings
  • Filter payment methods by country
  • Filter payment methods by maximum amount of order
  • Filter payment methods by minimum amount of order
  • Custom initialized status for each payment method
  • Validations in backend settings fields
  • Support for compound taxes


  • PLGWOOS-410: Refactor plugin using the PHP-SDK


  • Remove FastCheckout