Music Sheet Viewer


« Music Sheet Viewer » allows you to display a digital music sheet by just entering its code using the shortcode tag [pn_msv].

The supported music sheet formats are MusicXML (incl. compressed mxl files), MEI, ABC or PAE (RISM notation). The score is displayed as if it had been natively supported by the browser.

You do not need to escape HTML entities or anything. Just post your code as-is, even if the code is an XML dialect. The plugin will handle the rest.

The score is resized automatically so as to fit to the available content, you can specify the music font in which the score will be rendered and you can get the music code from a file if you don’t want to write the code inline.

You can play the score and there’s even an option to highlight the notes as they are played!

With this plugin, never ever upload a music sheet image to your website that is not zoomable and requires a new upload every time a single note must be changed!!!

At last, it’s fully responsive!

For a complete documentation of the plugin, see this plugin’s homepage..


Just wrap your music sheet code inside [pn_msv] shortcode, such as :

[pn_msv format="abc"]
T:La Vie En Rose

(ABC code example), and the corresponding score will be rendered.

You do not need to escape HTML entities or anything, just post your code as-is. The plugin will handle the rest.

Just don’t switch to View mode in WordPress editor if you write inline XML (MEI or MusicXML) shortcodes : it’s going to translate it into HTML entities! Stay in Text mode (WordPress 4.9 and lower), and in Code editor (Gutenberg with WordPress 5.0).

Complete details of the different Music Sheet formats supported and possible shortcode parameters are described at this plugin’s homepage..

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  • Example of how to write [pn_msv/] shortcodes inside a HTML table and how they are rendered.


Uploading The Plugin

Extract all files from the ZIP file, the copy the whole music-sheet-viewer directory and its contents under /wp-content/plugins/.
See Also: « Installing Plugins » article on the WP Codex

Plugin Activation

Go to the admin area of your WordPress install and click on the « Plugins » menu. Click on « Activate » for the « Music Sheet Viewer » plugin.


I used to struggle with Verovio’s JavaScript API and all different options, and I must say this plugin simplifies all!! It is so useful to non programmers wishing to publish easily music sheet fragments. To be warmly recommended!!!


Music Sheet Viewer はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


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  • Remote files can now be read whatever their location (bypass CORS error)
  • MXL MusicXML compressed file format now supported
  • Bundled with Verovio 2.5.0 light
  • Tested compatibility with WordPress 5.4


  • Fixed intempestive resize that may occur when the score is played
  • Rendering speed increased by 20%
  • Bundled with Verovio 2.3.3 light


  • Addition of ‘play’ options allowing to play the score and have it highlighted when played
  • Support of ABC notation
  • Embedding of Petaluma font
  • Bundled with Verovio 2.1.0 light
  • Bundled with an enhancement of the JavaScript MIDI player (


  • Performances improved by 10%
  • Addition of a ‘roll’ font value, that displays a score in all available fonts


  • Internal rewriting of the plugin with OOP
  • Addition of ‘id’ and ‘class’ options allowing CSS styling
  • Bundled with Verovio 2.0.2 light
  • Got rid of noLayout, deprecated


  • Remote URLs can also be used with the ‘file’ parameter


  • Fixed responsive bug for Firefox on devices


  • Plugin activation or execution warnings appearing in WP’s DEBUG mode removed


  • Initial version. Bundled with Verovio 1.1.6