myCred – AnsPress (Gamify your Question and answer Sites)


Reward your users for asking or answering questions with myCred AnsPress – the perfect WordPress plugin that encourages users to engage with their community.

myCred-AnsPress is a myCred add-on that allows you to award myCred points to users when they ask or answer a question. Users can also earn points for getting an upvote on their answer and even if they give others one.

What is AnsPress and what does it do?

AnsPress is an open-source Question & Answer plugin for WordPress. It is built with developers in mind and can easily be extended to fit your needs. AnsPress’s source code follows WP coding standards and is properly documented.

Use the AnsPress plugin to build a question-and-answer site. Create a Q&A network similar to Stackoverflow and Quora, or just as a page on an existing site.

myCred-AnsPress features

  • Set Multiple Hooks: Create different hooks that trigger on AnsPress Events.
  • Configure Multiple Point Types: Create multiple point types easily. Each point type you create will gain it’s own admin menu
  • Limit Points: You can set limits on the distribution of points every time a AnsPress event is triggered.
  • Points Tracking: Detailed logs help you keep a track of myCred points for every user.

Plugin Requirements




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New – Compatible with WordPress Version 6.2.2.


New – Compatible with WordPress Version 5.8.1.


  • Initial release


  • Tested up to WordPress 5.5
  • Fixed jQuery Errors