Newsletter by Supsystic


Newsletter by Supsystic out of box plugin for mail list building, newsletter creation, send and track email campaigns.

Drag-and-drop newsletter template builder delights. Build-in mass mail sending and integration with mail services like MailChimp, Aweber, etc. Unlimited subscribers and mails for free.

Newsletter by Supsystic Features:

Drag-and-Drop Newsletter Template Builder

It was never so easy to edit Mailing templates! As the name displays just Drag the block and Drop it to the place you need – here it is! The simplest and most intuitive builder! Thus you can focus on creation and realizing your template design, without wondering what to do next or how to do this or that.
Now it became more functional than others! We implemented ability to add blocks with dynamic content. Ergo, when you add, for example, a new title to your blog, it’s annotation appears in the appropriate template block automatically and you don’t need to do it manually.
Surely, every needed information about drag and Drop Template builder you can find in our article

Unlimited mass mail sending and subscribers

Hate limits every where: in time, in quantity, in high quality? We won’t stop you! Run Newsletter by Supsystic and feel free! Our Newsletter allows you to to send as many letters as you wish! Surely, for such powerful mailing you wish to do, you need to unlimit the quantity of subscribers and we forecasted in too!
Now you have strong ability to manufacture energetic newsletter mailing of infinite letters to endless subscribers all around the world!

Newsletter subscriber statistics and mail tracking

When all of your letters are sent, the most important is to see how many of them arrived to subscribers mails, was unique opened or reopened and how many subscribers followed the link you send. So you can provide analysis and change your Newsletter accordingly to subscribers expectations in order to grow your success.

Email Subscription Form (integration with Popup by Supsystic)

After uploading Newsletter by Supsystic, all of your subscribers are automatically appear in the subscribers division. But even that quantity of subscribers may not look enough for powerful Newsletter mailing. That’s why we released a new version of Newsletter plugin that contains Subscribe forms. Thus you can gather new Subscribers mails to the concrete subscription list of the Newsletter Plugin automatically! Just copy the shortcode of the Subscribe Form to the needed post or page and get new Subscribers!

Pre-set mobile ready email templates

Most people are working and looking through their emails by tablets or mobile devices. If the letter doesn’t suit system or little gadgets screen in mostly cases people won’t look at the letter / follow the link. To solve it, Supsystic team developed templates and made them fully responsive for any PC and gadget on Android, iOS or Windows phone.

Newsletter Plugin Support

If you have any problem or feature request for the Newsletter by Supsystic, please let us know!

Translations in Your Language Newsletter Plugin

You have an incredible opportunity to get PRO version of the for free. Just Make Translation of the Newsletter by Supsystic plugin! Available Translations:

  • English
  • Dutch

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  1. Download Newsletter plugin
  2. Unarchive
  3. Copy the folder with Newsletter by Supsystic plugin
  4. Open ftp \wp-content\plugins\
  5. Paste the newsletter-by-supsystic plugin folder in the folder
  6. Go to admin panel => open item “Plugins” => activate Newsletter by Supsystic


First time Newsletter by Supsystic user

Complete tutorial How to create your first Newsletter

How to install PRO version of plugin?

To install Newsletter by Supsystic PRO follow this instruction

Where is documentation for Newsletter by Supsystic WP plugin?

Here it is Newsletter Documentation

How many emails can I send per one time?

The basical number which is set in our plugin automatically is 80 emails per a hour.
Plugin settings allow to change it on Settings tab, but its a rate which was recommend by Google developers for not being recognized as spammer.
An important point connected with emails number is also how often are they send. Supsystic recommends you to set it once an hour (as it is set basically). But remind, that if you choose this option and start your newslettering queue it will start in an hour. So do not expect an immediate result, please. If you want just to test our Newsletter plugin, because you are using it first – choose another option, like every minute, every 10 minutes etc.

Basic requirements for Newsletter Plugin

Newsletter plugin by Supsystic, created for those – who needs always to be in touch with audience. The main function of such plugin is to send newsletters and all your updates to your subscribers. This engine suits to the site with no matter which purpose: from blog to some kind of ecommerce project or store. The thing is that it can be easily customized and you set your own properties in several clicks.
Plugin works correctly if there are three conditions, which are working right:
* your site or blog can send all the messages reliably
* your WordPress system works like it should
* the amount of emails is correct

How to path through spam filters?

You can reead about it in this article


Обрадовался, что наконец-то нашел подходящий плагин, который может отправлять рассылку сразу после публикации, да и стоимость премиум версии устраивает, думал уже купить, но: 1. Первый минус. Кривой редактор создания шаблонов. Не то, чтобы кривой, не годится никуда - ничего не сохраняет, цвета не вставляет, картинки склеивает, функционал Drag&Drop некорректно себя ведет - это большой минус, только из-за этого плагин невозможно использовать. Конечно, я писал службе поддержке и, конечно, они ответили, что не могут отвечать за работу сторонних плагинов и шаблонов, но другие плагины рассылок работают, а Ваш нет и им не мешают другие плагины, а давать доступ к сайту я не намерен, извините. 2. Второй минус. Нет возможности вставлять ключевые слова в шаблоне и заголовке письма, например, я хочу вставить в письме приветствие подписчику, ведь это можно реализовать так: {{FIRSTNAME}}, привет. Или в теме письма указать {{POSTTITLE}}, чтобы письмо подписчику приходило не одной фразой каждый раз, названием статьи, которая была опубликована. 3. Нет настройки SMTP. По факту он есть, но как его настраивать и как он работает, так и не понял. В другом плагине рассылки, который я использую - все работает корректно. 4. Было бы здорово, если бы на странице публикации статьи вы сделали кнопку, с помощью которой можно было бы отменить рассылку той или иной статьи. Например, я не хочу отправлять подписчикам какую-ту статью после публикации и просто снимаю галочку на странице публикации. 5. Также не понравилось отношение авторов продуктов серии Supsystic. Писать о проблемах с плагинами мне удобно на этом сайте, здесь и разбирать, что получается, а что нет. А ваше отношение к деньгам - удивляет - доведите плагин до ума и люди будут покупать. Ставлю 4 за то, что плагин есть, он рабочий несмотря ни на что и поддержка отвечает и хочет помочь, поэтому сохраняю на сайте и буду ждать, что Вы его доработаете. Что с моей стороны потребуется, я предоставлю без проблем, но не доступ к сайту. Спасибо.
Плагин кривой, косой, постоянно съезжают окна настройки, интерфейс "привет98", и все в этом духе. Невозможно добавить свое письмо, можно делать только на основании имеющихся шаблонов, которые непонятно как написаны, и, учитывая как сделан плагин, вряд ли сделаны аккуратно и оптимизированы. Периодически плагин не реагирует на кнопку "сохранить", то есть вы что то сделали, поздравляю, обновите страницу и сделайте еще раз. Настроенное письмо не сохраняется сразу, после нажатия кнопки "сохранить" проходит какое то время, прежде чем обновленное письмо появится в аккаунте. А учитывая, что кнопка "сохранить" работает через раз, можно провозиться еще не один час сохраняя письмо. Сохранять по частям, сделав один блок, не вариант, так как надо ждать пол часа до обновления результата. Провозился несколько часов, создавая кривое письмо на неудобном конструкторе (потому что варианта импортировать свое HTML письмо в плагине нет), а сохранить его не получается. При нажатии на кнопку "сохранить" ничего не происходит. Потом через час в аккаунте появляется промежуточная версия... Вообщем треш, а не плагин. Но письма отправляет, и бесплатный, поэтому не единица.
I don´t know what this plugin would look like in the past, but now it's awesome. In addition to everything mentioned in the features, I highlight 2 very interesting options that I have not seen in other free plugins: - Build the subscription form as you wish, regardless of the sample models. See example, which is not any of the pre-built models, and yet one of the most used. - Send newsletter perfectly in Spanish. This is an issue that deals with Supsystic, because when I discovered the plugin, it did not correctly send newsletters with 'accents' and letter 'ñ', which caused it to reach the spam mail in Gmail. By correcting this, it arrives well to the Gmail promotions folder from 'WordPress PHP Mail'. This is the minimum. Although in Hotmail it got unwanted mail tray. Hotmail is a less formal mail (compared to Gmail), you can always tell your customer about that delivery and look there. Among the characteristics, mention is made of the creation of lists of subscribers. That's a real gift, in a free plugin. The most similar thing I found during 1 year of searching for free plugins of this type, was 'Magic Action Box', but this does not allow to easily build your own form, nor create subscription lists. Most people do is create the list from a nice form, and then transfer it to your email marketing client, from which to send the Newsletter. Well, here's what you can do with this plugin, in case you want to send less than 80 emails per hour. If you are sending a few emails a day, you can use the newsletter of this plugin. - Note: This limit of submissions (80 emails per hour) is not plugin problem, it is problem if your web hosting is on a shared server. It is a security measure not to saturate the number of requests to the web server. Which could cause your web not to work well. I am still working locally and online test server (but not public), in any case the work of the plugin is perfect (online test server) and the author has been concerned to fix everything related to the Spanish language and help build my own form a my taste. I can only have words of thanks and hope that the Pro version does not delete things from the free version 🙂 Congratulations! This is a great job. I hope one day there will be an international awards event for plugin creators, as good and useful as this one (and others that you do). Greetings and great work to those who are behind Supsystic! Muchas gracias 🙂
That's the best plugin we have ever used for sending beautiful newsletters. We are using it to increase our revenue and it is working like a charm! Best regards to all of the developers working on it and contributing on a daily basis.
Don't bother. If you're looking for simple, easy, and lightweight, this isn't for you. Almost every thing I tried to use had an issue. Not user friendly and easy to use whatsoever.


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= 1.5.5 / 23.06.2020
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.4 / 14.01.2020
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.3 / 21.11.2019
* Fixes for new WP 5.3
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.2 / 23.10.2019
* Minor bug fixes

= 1.5.1 / 01.10.2019
* Fixed overview
* Minor issues fix

= 1.5.0 / 11.09.2019
* Fixed template editor bug
* Fixed copy function
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.9 / 03.09.2019
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.8 / 05.08.2019
* Fixed scroll overview
* Small code fixes to suppost php 7.3
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.7 / 26.06.2019
* Fixes for new WP translations
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.6 / 14.05.2019
* Fix templates
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.5 / 03.04.2019
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.4 / 25.02.2019
* Code improvements
* Screenshots update

= 1.4.3 / 16.01.2019
* Minor issues fix
* Fix issue with the typo in the tooltip in Newsletters
* Add feature to Subscribe Form – custom select Subscription List
* Fix issue with duplicate emails, adding duplicate email validation
* Add selected Subscription Lists to Lists
* Fix white text on white background in Popup mailto
* Adding require validation for all available multiple select
* Fix Subscription List for double select lists by default admin form and selected by the user on the frontend
* Fix issue with username field and sendmail
* Add feature Export to CSV all emails or emails from selected subscription lists
* Fix CSS for newsletters
* Code review
* Fix of displaying of newsletter form’s statistic

= 1.4.2 / 22.11.2018
* Code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.4.1 / 25.10.2018
* Minor issues fix
* Minor plugin improvements

= 1.4.0 / 19.09.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.9 / 13.09.2018
* Minor issues fix
* Minor plugin code improvements

= 1.3.8 / 05.09.2018
* Fix issue with Newsletters Templates in Forms Templates list
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.7 / 28.08.2018
* Fix issue with Country field type in Form Builder
* Minor plugin improvements

= 1.3.6 / 17.08.2018
* Fix issue with Country field type in Form Builder
* Minor plugin improvements

= 1.3.5 / 08.08.2018
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.4 / 01.08.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.3 / 24.07.2018
* Tooltips fix
* Minor issues fix

= 1.3.2 / 03.07.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

1.3.1 / 20.06.2018

  • Minor Core code improvements

= 1.3.0 / 30.05.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.2.9 / 15.05.2018
* Fixed plugin activation for multisite
* Core code improvements

= 1.2.8 / 17.04.2018
* Minor issues fix

= 1.2.7 / 04.04.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

1.2.6 / 20.03.2018

  • Minor Core code improvements

= 1.2.5 / 07.03.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.2.4 / 21.02.2018
* Fix issue with external links with additional link parameters on them
* Fix issue with slashes in Newsletters send options
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.2.3 / 06.02.2018
* Fixed issue with background color selection
* Fix minor issues with Imported functionality (MailChimp)
* Minor issues fix

= 1.2.2 / 23.01.2018
* Core code improvements
* Minor issues fix

= 1.2.1 / 20.12.2017
* Core code improvement
* Added French language translation

1.2.0 / 14.11.2017

  • Possibility to send a Confirmation email for new Subscribers from Subscription forms
  • Additional Subscribe integration with PopUp by Supsystic plugin
  • Fix issues with remove Subscribers – from Subscriber Edit screen, and from the Subscribers List screen

1.1.12 / 27.10.2017

  • Core code improvements
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.11 / 23.10.2017

  • Added check for fields case when importing Subsribers from CSV
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.10 / 05.10.2017

  • Minor Core code improvements

1.1.9 / 22.08.2017

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.1.8 / 25.05.2017

  • Core code (framework) improvements
  • Fix small CSRF issue

1.1.7 / 04.05.2017

  • Improved templates search
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.6 / 11.04.2017

  • Added new PRO templates – Invoice and Veggy
  • Fixed compatibility with plugin “EU Cookie Law”
  • Fixed background for Modern template.
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.5 / 06.04.2017

  • Fixed for MS outlook email background
  • Fixed template background for visibility in browsers
  • Fixed mail sending in utf-8
  • Fixed Pro-templates issues
  • Added new PRO template
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.4 / 30.03.2017

  • Fixed update Pro-templates from site
  • PRO templates added
  • Minor issues fix

1.1.3 / 14.03.2017

  • Grid builder system integration
  • All standard templates moved to new Grid builder system
  • Option Hide form after submitting for Forms added
  • Option Form sent message color added

1.1.2 / 21.02.2017

  • Featured plugins updated – added Membership plugin
  • Renewed translation file
  • Added Dutch language

1.1.1 / 12.01.2017

  • Code improvements
  • Minor issue fix

1.1.0 / 19.12.2016

  • SMTP Email settings
  • SendMail Email settings
  • Clone Newsletter functionality
  • Possibility to select from already edited users templates when creating Newsletter

1.0.10 / 08.12.2016

  • New Christmas Themes – “Hohoho”, “Happy Holidays” and “Happy Christmas”! Happy Holidays!
  • Minor frontend Subscribers account pages design improvements
  • Happy Holidays made
  • Happy Christmas made first
  • Subscribers – filter by Lists in the admin area
  • Core code improvements

1.0.9 / 22.11.2016

  • Possibility to get Subscribers from other engines – MailPoet, MailChimp
  • Subscribers – filter by Lists in admin area
  • Removable table cell feature added
  • Core code improvements

1.0.8 / 17.11.2016

  • CSV Import fix
  • CSV Import – make it work with additional fields too
  • Code review

1.0.7 / 15.11.2016

  • New text elements functionalities – extended as never before!
  • Added possibility to align text right in element
  • Insert images right into text
  • Simple Text and Images block
  • Code review and refactor
  • Simple list delimiter color choice added
  • Simple checkers image container min width fixed
  • Added possibility to set whole Cover Background styles – color and image
  • Editor server side optimization

1.0.6 / 24.10.2016

  • Added Subscribe Forms
  • Subscribe Forms graphs added – PRO
  • Fix fonts settings for Newsletter themes
  • Small admin area design improvements

1.0.5 / 13.10.2016

  • Added translation files
  • New Newsletter Theme – Simple
  • Statistics functionality improvements
  • Added extended statistics – PRO
  • Fix issue with re-defining size of images when making initialization of images resizing

1.0.4 / 04.10.2016

  • Admin area Subscribers, Subscribers Lists and Newsletters Lists design improvements
  • Make image elements – resizable
  • Minor spelling issues fix
  • Code review and improvements

1.0.3 / 21.09.2016

  • Integration with PopUp by Supsystic plugin
  • Fix template preview link from edit screen
  • Fix align in Dynamic blocks
  • Added Featured plugins page for admin area

1.0.2 / 07.09.2016

  • Dynamic content feature
  • Added responsive and mobile-ready newsletter templates
  • Minor issues fix

1.0.1 / 08.08.2016

  • Release on