Ninja Charts – Best WP Charts Plugin for WordPress


Ninja Charts comes with amazing features that will help you to create unlimited online charts & graphs on your web pages.

Do you want to create different online charts on your website? Well, no, worries! Ninja Charts is a powerful chart generator that allows you to create and use numerous types of charts in WordPress. Just by following a few simple steps, you can generate amazing charts in different formats. Its JavaScript-based chart rendering engine makes the chart creation process easier than ever.

WHY Ninja Charts?

Ninja Charts is the most lightweight WordPress chart plugin that simplifies the online chart creation process with ease of use. Currently, the plugin offers 9 different styles of charts that you can adjust with your required data in a visual representation. The charts offered include:

  • Line charts
  • Pie charts
  • Bar charts
  • Bubble charts
  • Doughnut charts
  • Radar charts
  • Polar charts
  • Scatter charts
  • Area charts
  • Combo charts

One of the most prominent features of Ninja Charts is its ability to retrieve data from popular Ninja Tables and show them
in the form of different charts. If you’re a Ninja Tables user and want to show your data in a data chart format, then this WordPress chart plugin is for you.


It is pretty simple to use, you just need to specify the titles and the chart type, then you will find the option to put a value manually or you can retrieve data from Ninja Tables plugin directly. After completing the above-mentioned process the plugin will automatically generate a short-code for a single chart, which you can embed on any page or post to show the respective data.

Ninja Charts FEATURES

  • Easy to use interface
  • Simple and handy steps to get started
  • Responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress chart plugin
  • Chart generator
  • Shortcode-friendly charts
  • Live preview on admin
  • Drag & drop friendly
  • Multiple chart types available
  • 11 types of chart js charts
  • 10 types of google charts
  • Multiple data sources
  • Versatile rendering engines
  • Special formatting and preview option
  • Amazing dedicated support facility


One of the cool aspects of the Ninja Charts is its default functionality with Ninja Charts. With this WordPress chart plugin, you can create charts retrieving the data from the Ninja Tables plugin. To create charts from Ninja Tables, take a look at the simple steps as follows-

Step 1: After installing the Ninja Charts, click on the Add New button
Step 2: Put your chart name in the title ➟ select chart render engine ➟ choose your preferred chart type from the dashboard ➟ and click on the Next button
Step 3: From the Data Source select Ninja Tables ➟ Click on Next button [In this step, you will also have an option for manual chart creation.]
Step 4: Now, choose the expected table that you want to create a chart from. [For manual chart creation, you’ll get an option to define it manually]
Step 5: Then, you’ll get the option to drag & drop the desired columns and click on the Next button.
Step 6: Next, here you will get the prepared chart with customization options in the Formating & preview. Once you’re done with the necessary customization, click on the Next button.
Step 7: Once you click on the Next button, you’re done with the process and you will see a short-code based chart has been created.

The steps are easy-going and less time-consuming.

Unlimited Customization

Ninja Charts allows you to customize your data chart in the best possible way. While creating the chart, in the Formating and preview step, you will get a bunch of advanced options to customize your online chart
. Here, you can customize-
– Chart width
– Responsive chart width
– Chart height
– Background color
– Border width
– Border color
– Border radius
– Font size
– Font style
– Font color
Moreover, you’ll get more options like AXES, TITLE, TOOLTIP, LEGEND for making your online chart more personalized.


We care about your needs and would like to serve your purposes in the best possible way. Our dedicated support ninjas and developers are always ready to cooperate with your queries.

If you have any queries, feel free to open a ticket. We would love to get back to you shortly.


  • Fresh Ninja Charts admin panel
  • Chart creation interface
  • Ninja Charts support multiple data source e.g. Ninja Tables, Fluent Forms
  • Manual data source interface
  • Numerous Chart customization
  • Renderable shortcode
  • Admin dashboard to manage various charts
  • Rendered chart in the frontend



  • Ninja Charts


I tested it recently, as I trust very much all plugins this company develops. It displays well my data in beautiful and customizable charts. It works very well with Ninja Tables. Works as expected, and I'm looking forward to further development


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3.1.0 (Date: Jan 27, 2021)

  • Adds google charts
  • Adds chart.js new chart type “Combo Chart”
  • Adds 10 types of google charts
  • Adds data order ascending or descending
  • Improved backend code structure
  • Optimizes code for faster rendering
  • Fixes fluent form range-picker data render issue

3.0.0 (Date: Dec 2, 2020)

  • Adds new Fluent Forms fields i.e. Radio, Checkbox,
    Dropdown, Select, Multi-Select, Country (Select),
    Country(from address), Net Promoter, Ratings,
    GDPR checkbox, Range slider, Payment Quantity and Phone
  • Adds new Ninja Tables fields Select-field, Remote Google Sheets table
  • Adds percentage label for specific charts
  • Adds points customization for line/area chart
  • Adds line chart thickness customization
  • Adds chart render animation
  • Improves UI/UX
  • Improves backend query
  • Optimizes code for faster rendering
  • Fixes large scale datasets issue (tested up to 50k)
  • Fixes Bubble chart hover issue
  • Fixes Chart Series bug
  • Fixes render time with loader

2.0 (Date: Sep 12, 2020)

  • Adds new data source “Fluent Forms”
  • Adds New chart type “Horizontal Bar”
  • Adds classic editor support
  • Adds Gutenberg editor support
  • Adds data range picker (i.e. items, date)
  • Adds Rest API
  • Adds customization for the Manual Chart
  • Adds chart customization with various chart.js features (i.e. shared tooltip, fill area etc.)
  • Improved “Ninja Tables” integration
  • Optimized code with clean UI
  • Fixed various bugs and overall improves performance

1.0 (Date: Jul 08, 2020)

  • Init first version