NM Favourites


Free version features

  • Create multiple buttons such as favourites, likes, dislikes, bookmarks, and wishlist for all post types, custom post types, woocommerce products and comments.
  • Show or hide the count of number of times the item has been added to favourites.
  • Position buttons on various locations on the page and set their order of appearance when they appear in a group.
  • Allow guests or logged in users to create and manage favourite buttons.
  • Allow users to view statistics of favourites content.
  • Output favourite buttons automatically, via shortcode or through php code.
  • Allow admin to view full statistics of all favourite categories and items in those categories for all users.
  • Show most tagged items in all favourite categories.

Pro version features

  • Enable the creation of custom favourites buttons.
  • Allow favourites to be created for almost any object type such as taxonomies, images, urls, pagination and more.
  • Allow admin to create favourite collections or playlists for users.
  • Allow admin to set default categories for users to save to in favourite collections or playlists.
  • Allow admin to set the visibility of favourite categories to public or private for users.
  • Allow users to create their own favourite categories and set the visibility to public or private.
  • Allow specific posts, pages or objects to be included or excluded from being added to favourites.
  • Ability specific categories or taxonomies to be included or excluded from being added to favourites.
  • Paginate tables.


  • Multiple buttons for the same post.
  • Like and dislike buttons on comments.
  • Add to wishlist button on product page.
  • Favourites categories a user is can tag posts to.
  • Posts that have been tagged as favourite by a user.
  • Comments that have been liked and disliked in admin page.
  • Posts that have been added to favourites and bookmarks in admin page.
  • Statistics of liked comments in admin area.
  • Statistics of posts added to favourites in admin area.
  • Categories created for users to tag posts and objects to.
  • Settings for creating a favourite category.
  • General plugin settings.




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