A simple plugin for adding the new No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA by Google to WordPress login, registration and comment system as well as BuddyPress registration form to protect against spam.


  • Option to activate CAPTCHA in login, registration, comment and BuddyPress registration forms.
  • CAPTCHA のテーマを選択してください。
  • ユーザーの言語を自動検出します。

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  • reCAPTCHA キーを追加してください。
  • 有効にする場所を選択します。
  • プラグイン全般設定
  • CAPTCHA in action at comment form
  • CAPTCHA in action at registration form
  • CAPTCHA in action at login form
  • CAPTCHA in action at buddypress registration form


Installing No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is just like any other WordPress plugin.
Navigate to your WordPress “Plugins” page, inside of your WordPress dashboard, and follow these instructions:

  1. In the search field enter No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA. Click “Search Plugins”, or hit Enter.
  2. Select No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA and click either “Details” or “Install Now”.
  3. Once installed, click “Activate”.


どんな質問ですか ? サポートフォーラムに投稿してください。


Works, but needs improvement

A couple issues with this plugin, all of which can easily be fixed (and let me know if they do get fixed, I will happily add that star back into it!)

First, I’m using a custom theme with very few modifications, and no modifications to the backend. So these would likely affect a vanilla WordPress install.

Issue #1) The settings page for this plugin is a massive menu item. It’s the only link in the menu that takes up two lines. And it’s a page you only need to use once. The link should be moved to the Settings menu, as a submenu item.

Screenshot of #1:

Issue #2) The ReCaptcha widget is clearly lacking some bottom margin on the login screen. It’s almost touching the button to sign in. This issue can easily fixed with CSS, but for some reason it was neglected.

Screenshot of #2:

Issue #3) The default verbiage for the recaptcha error can only be described as poor English. Thankfully you can change it, but you are going to want to change it on every site. The default is currently “ERROR: Please retry CAPTCHA”. It is important to note that the “No Captcha” ReCAPTCHA is not a captcha. That’s the whole point. Captchas involve letters. The error should say something like:

“ERROR: Please retry ReCAPTCHA” – at the very least, refer to the brand as this is NOT a regular captcha field.

“ERROR: Please confirm you are not a robot”

“ERROR: Please check the box below to prove you are a human”


Everything else looks good. These are quite nit-picky “issues” too. So unless these really bother you, this is a worthwhile plugin.

Hopefully these issues can be fixed and this becomes a stellar plugin! Thanks!

Works, but isn’t very slick

The plugin functions but doesn’t seem to have been very well thought out.

The CAPTCHA appears below the submit button, instead of before it – which is disruptive to the usability of the form.

It also appears to allow comments, then delete those which failed the captcha – rather than blocking them from being saved in the first place.

Other than that, the settings page and functionality are good – and with some engineering changes in the back end could be a great plugin.

So Simple and Effective

Very simple to set-up and use!

I installed this plug-in after multiple brute-force attacks against my login page. Since adding the reCaptcha to the form there hasn’t been an incident logged!

Thanks for your awesome work!



No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。




  • captcha テストに失敗したコメントを強制的に削除します。


  • Remove overzealous activation check.
  • Bump minimum requirement to 4.0


  • BuddyPress 登録への統合を追加しました。


  • プラグインをネットワーク全体で有効にすることができます。この場合、ネットワーク管理者側で設定ページを表示します。
  • プラグインを完全に翻訳可能にし、フランス語翻訳を提供する
  • すべてのオプションが設定されていない場合、最初の起動時に表示される警告を削除する
  • WordPress 言語パックから CAPTCHA の使用可能な言語を一覧表示します。 別の言語を追加するには、新しいコア言語パックをインストールするだけです。 この方法では、一覧にはあなたが興味のある言語のみが表示されます。


  • Javascript を無効にして Captcha をバイパスできるエラーを修正しました


  • Fixed header already sent error


  • 初期コミット