Landing Page Builder – Lead Page – Optin Page – Squeeze Page – WordPress Landing Pages


Landing Page Builder plugin by PluginOps makes it really easy to build responsive Pages, Layouts and Landing Pages . Simple Visual Drag and drop, Make changes while you see them. Works with your themes and is purely based on HTML/CSS. Specifically designed for the creation of landing pages.

With this plugin you can move every element, Re Order rows or Move widgets around using drag and drop features. Fast performance to make sure every visitor of your page stays on the website.

Live editing feature with visual Builder makes it easy to create templates and edit existing ones easily and fast. You can design any page of any kind.

Features and tons of amazing functionalities makes it the most robust WordPress Page Builder.

This plugin allows you to build standalone pages which does not use your theme’s bulky design and gives you complete power to design your own pages for your WordPress website. It is complete solution for building unique responsive pages without any coding. It works with all WordPress themes.

All the page builder plugins require tons of options you need to understand to get started. With this plugin you wouldn’t have to worry just watch short tutorials and you are good to go. You will be able to build your pages so fast you will ditch regular WordPress pages.

It comes with easy to use drag and drop layout builder and built in widgets which allow you to add content easily and fast.

Core Features of Page Builder by Plugin Ops

  • Easy to use Drag and drop layout builder.
  • Visual Page Editor.
  • Comes with Pre designed page templates (Updated Constantly).
  • Opt in form.
  • OptIn popups.
  • Tons of more widgets.
  • Page builder plugin produce responsive pages.
  • It is compatible with almost all modern themes.
  • WooCommerce Products
  • Live Form Builder
  • Premium Integrations with various email marketing services.

Create visually appealing designs in mere minutes

You can create visually appealing beautiful pages in mere minutes with its easy to use visual builder and fast response time design literally updates in milliseconds resulting in zero lag whatsoever. You can build your own pages or use Premium pre designed templates.

Suits all your needs

Page builder plugin allows you to create simple page to complex sales landing pages. It has all needed content elements and use classic WordPress WYSIWYG editor so you don’t have to waste time on learning new stuff.

Pre Designed Templates

This plugin comes packed with pre designed templates that you can start customizing with just one click.

Custom Templates

You can use the pages you have created as templates with just one click.

Free Widgets

We offer free widgets so you can create any design easily and perfect.

Built In Live Form Builder

Page Performance

Page builder plugin’s template engine is super fast and use very little scripts so your pages perform perfect.

Vast Compatibility

It is compatible with almost all WordPress themes, We’ve tested it with 50+ themes.

Built In Subscribe forms

Save leads using built in subscribe form in page builder database, Or add any form using shortcode.

SEO Optimized

The Page Builder plugin correctly utilizes page title, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnail images and OG data for the perfect Search Engine Optimization.

Blank Page Template

You can create any design from scratch and reuse it with just one click.

Responsive Editing

PluginOps Page Builder supports phone editing so you can easily on the go plus you can also edit & create multi device variants. It gives you the power to create better landing pages for all devices at the same time.

Create Unique Designs without Coding

With Page Builder Plugin you can create stunning, unique and functional websites without coding a single line. Anyone can build a professional website in minutes.

PluginOps Page Builder – Free Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder, Page Creator & Live Page Designer


  • Live drag & drop editing.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.

  • A template you will get with this plugin by PluginOps.



  1. Install using the WordPress built in plugin installer or via ftp.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to Page Builder > Add New Page or Pages > Add new Page.
  4. If you are creating default WordPress page Set a title then click on save draft button.
  5. Switch to page builder by clicking on switch button.
  6. Your Page Builder will be ready and you can start using all of its features.


Can I get rid of theme’s header and footer with Page Builder plugin ?

Yes, Page builder plugin allows you to create pages with and without theme’s header and footer so you can have complete control over your designs.
You can also create designs for your theme’s pages.

Does this plugin mess with my theme ?

No, The plugin does not modify or use the theme files. Your theme’s design will stay as it is without any change.

Does Page builder by PluginOps work with Posts, Pages and custom post types ?

Currently only custom pages and pages are supported but we will soon add support for custom post types as well.

Can I use shortcodes in my pages created with this plugin ?

Yes, this plugin support shortcodes so you can add any shortcode in your pages.

Can you design a page for me ?

Yes, Please contact us at support[at]pluginops[dot]com and we will get back to you.


I can't fault the customer service, I had an urgent issue which was resolved within an hour. It took some going back and forth but the replies were so quick. I can definitely recommend these guys!
We had a javascript error stopping our landingpage from going live. I've received responses to my mail within minutes and after not even two hours Joshua was able to provide us with a new version of the plugin that fixed everything. I'm very impressed by the quality and speed of the support.


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  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Improvements.



  • New Feature : Custom Fonts
  • Bug Fix : Aweber API
  • Bug Fixes
  • Performance Improvement : Improvements in editor speed.



  • Performance Improvement : Improvements in editor speed.



  • Improvement : Improvements and bug fixes.



  • Improvement : Improvements and bug fixes.



  • New Feature : 2 New landing page templates.
  • Improvement : Bug fixes with WordPress Version 5.5
  • Improvement : Minor improvements and bug fixes.



  • New Feature : Accordion Widget.
  • New Feature : Tabs Widget.
  • New Feature : 6 New landing page templates.
  • New Feature : Option to edit landingpage url keyword.
  • New Feature : Added safe mode faeture to avoid JS errors.
  • New Feature : Added Zapier Webhooks integration.
  • Improvement : Minor improvements and bug fixes.



  • New Feature : New landing page Templates.
  • New Feature : Options For Adding Overlay Caption text in image widget.
  • Improvement : Edit Widget Action reduced lag.
  • Bug Fix : Minor Bug Fixed.



  • New Feature : New landing page Templates.
  • New Feature : Template Library Filters.
  • Improvement : New faster Undo/Redo functionality.
  • Improvement : Improved Image Slider widget.
  • Bug Fix : Bug fixes related to back-end editor.



  • Bug fixes.



  • New Features Added related to Row Background and Column Section Width.



  • Bug Fix : Video Widget.
  • Bug Fix : Switch To PluginOps Editor Not working in legacy classic editor.



  • New Feature : 6 New Free Templates.
  • New Feature : Coming Soon Mode.
  • New Feature : Template Library Filters.
  • Improvement : Reduced update/render lag of few widgets by 1000% more widgets will be improved in next updates.
  • Bug Fix : Heading Widget bug fix where it prevented the text to be edited.
  • Bug Fix : Image Widget not updating.



  • Bug Fixes : Fixed few bugs caused due to last update.



  • New : Free Templates.
  • New : Featured Image Option for social media sharing.
  • Improvements : 300% improvement in editor response rate.
  • Improvements : Reduced page load time, & Increased Google page speed test score.
  • Integrations : Integration With MarketHero.
  • Integrations : Integration With MailPoet.
  • Integrations : Integration With SendInBlue.
  • Integrations : Integration With ConstantContact.



  • New : Options for column content alignment.
  • New : Template Insert below existing feature.
  • New : 2 Premium Templates Added.
  • New : Image Gallery Widget.
  • More Improvements in UI and Functionality of plugin.



  • New : PluginOps Optins widget.
  • New : Button link actions to show popup.
  • Fixed : Icon List widget layout.
  • Fixed : Live Text making text undefined in some conditions.
  • Added : 3 Free Templates.



  • New Feature : ReCaptcha for form builder widget.
  • New Feature : New & Improved Live Text Editor for Text, Button & other widgets.
  • Improvements : Improved Redo/Undo feature.
  • Improvements : Improved Countdown Widget.



  • New Feature : New landing page templates.
  • New Feature : Testimonial Slider Widget.
  • New Feature : Button clicks tracking & and click through rate analytics.
  • New Feature : Custom Webhook Option for formbuilder widget.
  • Big Fix : Optimized For WordPress 5.0.



  • New Feature : New Design Blocks Added.
  • Big Fix : Form Submission Error Fixed.



  • New Feature : 4 New Free Templates.
  • Big Fix : MailChimp Api Updated.



  • New Feature : Row Background Shapes.
  • New Feature : New Pricing Row Blocks.
  • New Template : Added 5 more templates.
  • Improvements : Double click on widget to edit it.



  • New Feature : Integration With Aweber.
  • New Feature : Integration With Drip.
  • New Feature : Integration With ConertKit.
  • New Feature : New Form Builder Widget Blocks.
  • New Feature : New Pricing Table Row Blocks.999
  • Improvements : Row Edit Render delay decreased.
  • Improvements : Column Edit Render delay decreased.
  • Bug Fixed : Shortcode Widget not loading complete HTML.
  • Bug Fixed : Posts Slider Widget wrong link.



  • Added New Templates.
  • Added Widget Blocks.
  • Added Row Blocks.
  • Editor Bug Fixes.
  • Performance Update.



  • Added : 2 New Templates.
  • Added : Templates filters for better search.
  • Added : Templates Categories.
  • Added : Advanced Conversion Analytics.
  • Added : Call To Action / Button Click Through tracking.
  • Added : Icons for all widgets using buttons.
  • Added : Design Options For Form Builder Widget.
  • Added : Design Options For CountDown Widget.
  • Fixed : Responsive Preview.
  • Fixed : Widget Editor Not Working in some cases.
  • Fixed : Column Width Resize Not Updating.
  • Fixed : Widget & Row Delete Bug.
  • Improvement : Decreased editor page load time.



  • New Feature : Conversion Tracking.
  • Fix : Duplicate entries in subscribe form widget.
  • New Feature (PRO) : Integrations For Various email marketing services.



  • Bug Fixed : Form Builder Widget.
  • Bug Fixed : Subscribe Form Widget.



  • Added : Responsive Options For widgets.
  • Added : Success Actions for form builder widget.
  • Added : Date & Time Field for form builder widget.
  • Bug Fixed : Deletion of when dropped outside of a column.
  • Fixes : Some other UI improvements.



  • New Feature : Responsive Breakpoint Options for rows columns and widgets.
  • New Feature : 4 new free templates.
  • New Feature : Background Gradients.
  • New Feature : Background Hover Options.
  • New Feature : Font Family & Font Size Options For Inline Editing.
  • Fixed : Widget Duplicate Bug.
  • Fixed : Performance issues after last update.
  • Fixed : Form Builder required fields bug.



  • Black Friday Discount Announcement.
  • Added – New Embed Video Widget easily embed videos.
  • Added – New Global Text Page Design Options.
  • Added – Three new templates for template extension pack users.
  • Bug Fixed – Form Builder Widget email notification error is fixed.
  • Bug Fixed – Countdown timer front end error fixed.
  • New options added for multiple widgets.



  • Major Bug Fix. Color picker in editor fixed (Only on WordPress 4.9).

V 1.4.5


  • Added – Click To Edit Text Editor.
  • Added – Enable Pluginops for default pages option upon plugin activation (One less step).
  • Added tons of options for slider widget.
  • Fixed – resize width handles bug.
  • Fixed – next column width not changing bug.
  • Moved in-lined CSS of Rows & Columns to external CSS (Improved Page Speed).
  • Moved page options to left side panel.
  • Added Responsive mobile editing with touch drag & drop.
  • Added Full height row option.
  • Added text formating options for text widget.
  • UI fixes.

V 1.4.4


  • Added front end widget drag & drop reordering feature.
  • Added 4 new free templates.
  • Added Subscribe Form.
  • Fixed Subscribe Form data download bug.
  • Added support for form form database extension.
  • Added support for Embed Anywhere extension.
  • Bug Fixes.

V 1.4.4

Broken Editor Fix

  • Fixed broken editor : Font Family Widget broke the editor in last update.

V 1.4.2

Security Update

  • Added Text widget.
  • Added support for Google fonts for text, menu & button widget.
  • Performance improved.

V 1.4.1

  • Fixed Form Builder Required bug.
  • Fixed Image Widget Custom CSS.
  • Added Six more templates.
  • Added Extensions.
  • Fixed Review Notice Bug

V 1.4

  • Major Update.
  • Added Free Templates.
  • Tons of New Options added.
  • All Widgets Now Available.
  • Security Fixes.

V 1.3.4

  • Edit widget button in front end.
  • Changed default widget options.
  • New Advanced Widgets & Templates Pack.
  • Added new Quick tour – Tutorial.

V 1.3.3

  • Added new widgets.
  • Added new templates.

V 1.3.2

  • Fixed Side Panel Width Issue.
  • Fixed Fonts
  • Added 2 new templates

V 1.3.2

  • Duplicate and insert other page templates (With Same Content).
  • Side Panel Moved in collapsible container.
  • Duplicate Row Bug Fix.

V 1.3.1

  • Fixed button click lag/issues.

V 1.3

  • Added Animations.
  • Added more templates.

V 1.2.6

  • Duplicate & Delete Widgets.
  • Drag and Drop widgets.
  • New Widgets & Row Background video.
  • New Templates.

V 1.2.4

  • All navigations are now responsive.
  • Added posts slider widget (Pro feature).
  • Bug Fixes.

V 1.2.3

  • Added video widget.
  • Tutorial Added (How to embed videos).

V 1.2.2

  • Page Post Type warning bug fixed.
  • Added 4 more templates.

V 1.2.1

  • UI bug fixes.
  • UI Design Changes.
  • Margin unit bug fixed.
  • Padding unit bug fixed.

V 1.2

  • New Widgets Added.
  • Page post type supported.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Tutorials Added.
  • Dashboard Page Added.

V 1.1

  • Set as Front Page option.
  • UI Design Fixes.
  • Enable wp_footer & wp_header for your pages.
  • Few bug Fixes.