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MiniMax - Page Layout Builder

Drag and Drop Responsive Page Builder / Layout Builder / Content Builder for WordPress. Start inside active theme or blank canvas.

Drag and Drop Page Builder / Layout Builder for WordPress. You don't need to run for learning HTML or finding a coder/designer to change a page layout. We also developing all necessary modules like sliders, galleries, images, progress bar, timeline, testimonials, message box, warning box, notification box, loop for custom post type, post loop with various templates, sub-pages, heading, regular html and many more to build a page or a complete theme just from a blank canvas within few minutes.

Works with any theme

Minimax- Layout Builder is compatible with any theme. Just install and start using with existing theme.

Anyone can Build, No coding required

No coding knowledge is required to use Minimax - Layout Builder Plugin for WordPress. Everything is just drag and drop here. Page Layout Builder will give you all power to do anything within a page layout without editing code.

Export Import Layout

Yes, you can even export your page layout and import it to another site with minimax just in few clicks. No need to build same layout repeatedly.

Squeeze Page

Minimax - Layout Builder Plugin for WordPress packaged with special options for building squeeze pages with all necessary modules. Build a landing page within minutes.

Works with any WordPress widgets

You can directly use more than 3000+ widgets from wordpress.org to place anywhere inside your page content. No longer need to hang with built in sidebars with theme.

Do anything within your imagination. Yes, it is time to take control over your website and its content.

Read Page Builder documention

and Visual Front-end Builder

What You See Is What You Get

Integrated Modules

  • RichText Module
  • Image Module with 5 predefined styles
  • Tabs Module
  • Accordion Module with 6 predefined styles
  • Sub-pages module
  • Notice module

Want more modules?

You may Upgrade to Pro for 30+ modules & Extensive features of front-end page builder

It's totally DRAG and DROP, No Coding Knowledge Required!

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.6
最終更新: 11か月 ago
有効化済みインストール: 7,000+


3.9 (5点満点中)


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