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ABC Crypto plugin is powered by Payerurl. The ABC plugin converts any Fiat currency to USDT, ETH, or BTC at the transaction time with a live exchange rate to pay the user online, and after payment is complete instantly credits to the merchant’s account and also sends a response to the merchant website payment information through API for the change Order status to “processing” immediately. Customer transaction any coin with TRC20(USDT),BTC Bitcoin and ETH ethereum and also any coin on funding wallet of Binanace Pay accepted.

Binance Pay is a QR Code-based secure cryptocurrency payment gateway (BUSD, USDT) developed by Binance. Binance Pay allows users to pay and get paid in crypto from one account to another user account by email address or Binance payer ID or Binance user ID. ABC plugin acting as Binance WordPress bridge.

**Our USDT transaction able to receive Binance Pay.

With this ABC checkout plugin, your customers can use their Ethereum, USDT, and Bitcoin to make an order from the checkout page. With the smart button, you can also allow your customers to make payments using the preferred payment methods in their country/region auto-detected by the ABC plugin.

This plugin is supported by woocommerce order processing functions so it would be a smoother experience for your users as they never have to leave your website to make payments. If you looking for a Binance pay plugin in WordPress you are in right place.

Importance of ABC plugin for your web Store

For online cryptocurrency payments, ABC plugin is one of the quicker and more secure options. It is one of the most popular crypto payment platforms with thousands of users worldwide. You may drive sales by integrating the ABC payment gateway with your online store.

You will be able to accept the following coins on your store using this Gateway:

🔸 Binance Pay(200+ currencies)
🔸 Bitcoin
🔸 Ethereum

ABC Crypto checkout for a website is one of the best crypto plugins available to integrate your WooCommerce store with Payerurl.

This gateway support webpage that accepts fiat currencies below:

US Dollar usd,
Emirati Dirham aed,
Argentine Peso ars,
Australian Dollar aud,
British Pound gbp,
Bangladeshi Taka bdt,
Bahraini Dinar bhd,
Brazilian REAL brl,
Canadian Dollar cad,
Chilean Peso clp,
Yuan OR Chinese Renminbi cny,
Czech Koruna czk,
Euro eur,
Hong Kong Dollar hkd,
Indonesian Rupiah idr,
Indian rupee inr,
Japanese Yen jpy,
South Korean Won krw,
Kuwaiti Dinar kwd,
Sri Lankan Rupee lkr,
Myanmar Kyat mmk,
Mexico Peso mxn,
Malaysian Ringgit myr,
Nigerian Naira ngn,
Philippine Peso php,
Pakistani Rupee pkr,
Polish Zloty pln,
Paraguayan guaraní pyg,
Russian Rouble rub,
Saudi Arabian Riyal sar,
Swedish Krona sek,
Singapore Dollar sgd,
Thai Baht thb,
Turkish Lira try,
Taiwan NEW Dollar twd,
Ukrainian hryvnia uah,
Vietnamese Dong vnd,
South African RAND zar,
xdr XDrake (XDR),
xag Xrpalike Gene,
xau Troy Ounce,
bits Crypto Bits,
sats Satoshi,
btc Bitcoin,
eth Ethereum ,
ltc Litecoin,
bch Bitcoin Cash,
bnb Binance Coin,
xrp Ripple,
xlm Stellar,
link Chainlink,
dot Polkadot,

Major Features of the ABC Crypto Checkout

🔸 100% Free Open Source Plug-in on.
🔸 No Bank Account Needed or no personal identity as mandatory.
🔸 Set prices for your products in any fiat currency (CNY, USD, EUR, etc.). It will be converted to USDT, BTC, or ETH during transaction time using a real-time exchange rate. (View the current exchange rate at: Exchange Rate (LIVE)).
🔸 Accept all major currencies on your Online store e.g: USD, EUR, GBP.
🔸 Easy integration as Binance pay plug-in.
🔸 Free Support in the integration of ABC Crypto checkout contact us telegram:
🔸 Tested OK with WooCommerce 6.0.2 or up.

About Payerurl is a global provider of online crypto currency payment solutions. Moreover, is a payment platform where vendors and consumers can transact with each other, backed by the new BTC, USDT, and ETH payment protocols supported by Binance pay and another network. All the transactions are executed on a 64-encoding and 256-base-encryption basis. For this reason, there is no way to hijack data packets in the middle of the transaction. Any user makes a transaction using the USDT wordpress platform.

We do not hold any customer money on our server for an extended period of time. All payments are automatically transferred to the vendor’s external wallet addresses. To protect customer information during transactions, we employ state-of-the-art technology, like SSL encryption.


  • plugin install and active
  • plugin in the list and click on settings
  • plugin settings
  • go to home page
  • click to signup
  • create an account
  • login to the merchant account
  • payment method is shown on the checkout page
  • redirect payment page
  • USDT payment
  • switch other coin payment
  • BTC payment
  • ETH payment
  • order response and change status
  • email notification to the merchant
  • Transaction Details page


  • Install and activate through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  • Navigate to WooCommerce » Settings » Payments
  • Select “Enable ABC plugin”, and save
  • Click the manage link to open ABC Crypto Checkout Settings
  • Put your secret key and public key, and save (get your public and secret key at
  • Your customers can now pay with Binance pay or another network by USDT, BTC, or ETH!


Easy to Setup. received payment with no issue, Instant windthrow. Support System That's Great. ABC Crypto Checkout is One of the best payment systems for crypto users.
2022年11月23日 1 reply
I was looking the way to connect Binance Pay to checkout page on my website. Payerurl system is the best so far! It took only 5 minutes for installation and i have made a test transaction. Money has been received instantly to my Payerurl account (after order creation) and 1st withdrawal took only 2 minutes to my Binance account. Interface is much prettier then other plugins! Highly recommended to use this addon!
Easy to set up. Deposits and payments have worked without flaw.
2022年11月23日 3 replies
Hi; When I first installed it, everything worked properly. My currency is usd. But then I got an error like this: "Your shop currency not supported by ABC Crypto Checkout plugin" I also can't enter dashboard.payerurl. Internal server error 500 is present. What could be the reason for this? 2. Solved. There are no problems with the application. Some gateways did not work for about 2 hours at night. Metamask wasn't working either. It was a general problem. It recovered on its own. 3.Same Error! Last night there was an outage and the plugin was not working, same thing happened tonight. The system has completely lost my trust. Payerurl keeps giving 500 error and won't open. This disables the plugin. It's never safe. Just then, when an order comes across, we don't know where my payment goes.


ABC Crypto Checkout はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


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コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。




Signature doesn’t match with all input return.



Remove the unnecessary email notification from the “cancel and return” button on the payment page.



Before enabling this payment method option on the checkout page,

check the store currency with our list of accepted currencies.

Enable log management



request trace log added in the receiver page



Registration process change.



error code added on ever request or failed request.

error code added on ever response or failed response.



After payment customer can choose status.

Item description added



Default select “processing” for after_payment_order_status



Media upload problem solve



Brand logo update through plugin

Transaction details added



External fee system added

Tolerance system added



Hash link change

Binance Pay added

Banner change



Api link added.

banner change

title change



get api key link added.

icon change



New coin added

icon change