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GridKit Portfolio Gallery

GridKit Portfolio Gallery is an Ultimate Visual Media Grid builder designed for a portfolio, gallery, video gallery, product catalog, gallery slider or instagram feed gallery creation. GridKit Portfolio Gallery comes with number of features and this are the just few mostly used by clients:

  • Portfolio – Showcase your portfolio projects as grids, show inline project details, link them to the external sources or open detailed information directly in the popups.
  • Photo gallery – Showcase multi hierarchy photo galleries as grids, masonry or puzzle styled layouts. Assign category filters to each item and make them filtrable.
  • Gallery album – If you want showcase albums gallery, no problem! Show album details in the grid styled layouts and showcase album contents in the mobile friendly popups.
  • eCommerce product catalog – Convert your website to eCommerce platform. Showcase your product catalogs, offer discounts, allow clients to leave feedbacks and reviews, and finally place online orders.
  • Gallery slider – Sliders are fundamental for each website. You can showcase your galleries as inline and mobile friendly slides. You can setup website banners, image slides or video slides in less then a minute.
  • Instagram feed gallery – Do you want to share your instagram feed on your website instantly? It’s not an issue anymore. GridKit will pull your intagram feed and will show on your website automatically.
  • YouTube video gallery – YouTube videos can be part of your portfolio, gallery or album. You can have inline playable YouTube video galleries, or you can showcase them in the popups.
  • Vimeo video gallery – Vimeo videos function exactly the same way as YouTube videos. They can be part of your portfolio projects or galleries.
  • WordPress native video gallery – Almost each website or project has it’s promotion video. It’s easy and elegant now to showcase them with GridKit.
  • Clients portfolio gallery – You have number of clients, let your customers know about your clients using our predefined templates.
  • Sponsors logo gallery – Sponsor logos presentation never been so easier then now, simply drag your logos in GridKit and you’re done!
  • Team members gallery – Showcase your team members gallery using our predefined templates, or simply customize them to fit your website and needs. Show team members profile details and link them to the social profiles they have.
  • Image popup – Open single image or image gallery popups on click/tap actions
  • Video popup – Open your portfolio or gallery videos in popups
  • Google Maps popup – Sometimes portfolio projects or gallery pictures should be linked to the respective locations. Now pointing the location on Google Maps is much easier then before. Simply enter Google Maps coordinates and your clients will see the location on Google Maps
  • iFrame Popups – You can showcase your portfolio, gallery or album items in the layouts and let customers see the actual work in iFrame popups. E.g. you’ve developed websites, you can showcase your portfolio on your website and the same time let clients see the functioning websites in the iFrame popups.
  • Social share buttons – Make the portfolio projects or your gallery pictures sharable. Show Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest social share buttons and let your customers share your work.

GridKit Portfolio Gallery (Premium)

See GridKit Portfolio Gallery in action

  • All » All GridKit demos
  • Demo 1 » Portfolio & photo gallery
  • Demo 2 » eCommerce product catalog
  • Demo 3 » Photo album gallery
  • Demo 4 » Gallery slider
  • Demo 5 » Gallery carousel
  • Demo 6 » Instagram feed gallery
  • Demo 7 » Clients portfolio
  • Demo 8 » Sponsors gallery
  • Demo 9 » Team members gallery
  • Demo 10 » Team members grid
  • Demo 11 » Team members circle showcase
  • Demo 12 » YouTube video gallery
  • Demo 13 » Vimeo video gallery
  • Demo 14 » Local video gallery
  • Demo 15 » Gallery photos & videos
  • Demo 16 » Gallery grid presentation
  • Demo 17 » Gallery masonry presentation
  • Demo 18 » Gallery puzzle presentation
  • Demo 19 » Portfolio in iFrame popup
  • Demo 20 » Gallery with Google maps popup
  • Demo 21 » Social share buttons, e.g. Facebook, Twitter
  • Demo 22 » Portfolio with categories
  • Demo 23 » Portfolio and gallery pagination
  • Demo 24 » Gallery pictures lazy loading
  • Demo 25 » 7+ gallery image effects
  • Demo 26 » 24+ portfolio overlay effects
  • Demo 27 » 25+ portfolio details appearance
  • Demo 28 » 14+ hover buttons appearance
  • Demo 29 » 24+ share buttons appearance
  • Demo 30 » 10+ category bar styles
  • Demo 31 » 10+ pagination bar styles

Note: All this demos are predefined templates you can import, use or customize for your needs!

GridKit Portfolio Gallery Free features:

  • Responsive – Website’s responsiveness is the number one priority now! So make your portfolio, gallery, catalog and slider presentation mobile friendly.
  • Portfolio – Portfolio layout builder supported
  • Gallery – Gallery layout builder supported
  • Gallery image slider – Image and banner slides are supported
  • eCommerce product catalog – Basic eCommerce catalog presentation supported
  • Clients portfolio – Clients portfolio builder supported
  • Sponsors gallery – Sponsors gallery builder supported
  • Team members gallery – Team members gallery presentation supported
  • Gallery image popup – Embedded basic popup solution supported
  • 1 grid style – Fluid grid layout presentation supported (Note: Masonry and Puzzle style presentations are included in Premium version now)
  • Short-code – Native WordPress short-codes supported
  • Customer support via WordPress forums and Emails

GridKit Portfolio Gallery Premium features:

  • 2 more layouts – Showcase your portfolio, gallery and catalog as Masonry or Puzzle styled layouts.
  • 6 new responsive popup styles – More then 6 new popup styles you can choose to fit them your needs.
  • Youtube video gallery – YouTube videos can be part of your portfolio projects, albums or galleries.
  • Instagram feed gallery – Automatically showcase your instagram feed on your website within a gallery.
  • Vimeo video gallery – Vimeo videos can be part of your portfolio projects, albums or galleries.
  • Natives video gallery – Native MP4 videos can be part of your portfolio projects, albums or galleries.
  • iFrame popup – Load any external content in iFrame popups.
  • Google Maps popup – Point the location on Google Maps which is being opened in your website as a popup.
  • 100+ gallery image hover effects – We’ve more then 100 predefined CSS animations you can simply choose from your settings.
  • Category filters – Make your portfolio projects, gallery pictures or product catalogs filtrable. Showcase various filters to your clients and let them easily surf on your website.
  • Portfolio pagination – Make your website load faster, limit the number of visible items and paginate your portfolios or galleries
  • Gallery lazy loading – You can load images asynchronously in the background
  • Ajax gallery reloading – Filtration or pagination could be done either with reloading your website or performing AJAX in background
  • Multiple slider layouts – If you have multiple portfolio or gallery layouts on the same page, then it’s no problem with Premium version
  • Portfolio sharing – Enable social share buttons on your portfolio projects (e.g. Facebook, Twitter… )
  • Gallery sharing – Enable social sharing on your gallery pictures
  • Captions for gallery pictures – SEO is crucial now, right? So you can enable Alt tags and write SEO friendly titles for your portfolio projects, gallery pictures or catalog products.
  • Gallery loading progress bar – If you enable lazy loading, you can show progress bar on top of your grids to let customers know about loading progress.
  • Portfolio slideshow – If you portfolio projects contain number of pictures, you can let your customers see them in the auto slide popups
  • Zoomable gallery pictures – Sometimes pictures could be very large, so proper zooming is important to let visitors see the picture specific details.
  • FULL CONTROL ON DESIGN & OPTIONS CUSTOMIZATION – We’ve developed more then 1000 predefined options, styles and animations for you. But if it’s not what you expected, then you can customize them in a way you like it 🙂
  • Excellent dedicated support – We’re working hard to deliver perfect product to you, but of course sometimes you can face issues! It’s more important to be sure, that there are people who are ready to help you if needed. All our Premium clients receive dedicated support!
  • And many many more – The above features are just few ones we’ve mentioned! There are number of features, options and customization opportunities we’ve mentioned here. Simply checkout our demos, or contact us if you have any questions regarding our product.

Detailed Description

GridKit Portfolio Gallery designed for composing portfolio, gallery, photo album, gallery slider, eCommerce product catalog, video gallery or instagram feed gallery media grids within fluid or fixed layouts. It fits the entire content inside the containers without stretching your pictures. It provides the most popular 3 layout styles ( gallery, masonry, puzzle ). All dimentions and layout related configurations can be customized from the settings section. GridKit Portfolio Gallery also supports image, iFrame, video, maps embedded popups. There are more then 100+ predefined effects and animations which are of course customizable. You can create your portfolio or gallery layouts from the scratch, or you can use our predefined templates to get started. With GridKit Portfolio Gallery you’ll be able to showcase your portfolio project titles, descriptions, links or magnification buttons on hover actions. It also supports gallery category filtration & pagination. GridKit Portfolio Gallery will make your portfolio projects or gallery pictures one click shareable. Of course native WordPress short-codes supported too.

This is not the all, you can turn your website to fully functional eCommerce platform to showcase your product catalog. And this are just few features mentioned here, there are dozen of features you’ll definitely enjoy!

Contact us

If you have a question regarding GridKit Portfolio Gallery contact us here


  • Portfolio / Album / Gallery Layouts
  • Clients & Sponsors Layout
  • Team Members Layout
  • *eCommerce Product Catalog (PREMIUM)
  • *Masonry Layout (PREMIUM)
  • *Puzzle Layout (PREMIUM)
  • *Video Gallery (Native, YouTube, Vimeo) (PREMIUM)
  • Embedded Popup Viewer
  • Admin Panel - Portfolio List
  • Admin Panel - Gallery Builder
  • Admin Panel - Portfolio or Album Builder





GridKit Portfolio Gallery requires at least PHP 5.3

You have two options to install the plugin:

You can use the Native WordPress Plugin installer:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel
  • Click on Plugins » Add New
  • Then click on the Upload Plugin button
  • Choose the downloaded zip package of GridKit Portfolio Gallery
  • Upload it
  • Activate Grid Kit from your plugins section
  • You’re ready to create your portfolio galleries now, enjoy it!

You can manually upload and activate GridKit Portfolio Gallery:

  • Upload GridKit Portfolio Gallery plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate GridKit from your plugins section
  • You’re ready to create your portfolio galleries now


I’ve purchased premium version of GridKit Portfolio Gallery, what should I do now?

Once you bought the premium version, you will receive a confirmation email with an respective download link. Download the zip package of GridKit Portfolio Gallery, then install it via WordPress’s admin panel without unzipping it.
More detailed information regarding installation you can checkout in our documentation.

How to put multiple portfolio or gallery grids in the same page?

The ability to have multiple grids on the same page is available only in Premium versions. The Premium versions you can checkout here.

Then you can inject as many portfolio and gallery grids as you wish in your pages/posts!

When I install Premium version of GridKit Portfolio Gallery, it says: Cannot redeclare activation_hook()

Before installing Premium version, please make sure you’ve successfully uninstalled Free version at first. You can’t use Free & Premium version together!

Note: Your data will not be lost during this procedure!

Can I configure banner slider?

Yes you can! Just one note: Make sure the container has full width where you put the short-code if you want to have full width banner slider on your website.

Does GridKit support carousel style sliders?

Yes it does! You can build both type of sliders, standard one and carousel style.

Does GridKit automatically update my Instagram feed gallery?

Yes it does! All your Instagram posts will be automatically pulled and shown on your website.

I’ve developed a website in my localhost, should I worry about migration my portfolio and gallery grids on production?

No, you shouldn’t! The plugin constructs the portfolio project or gallery picture urls on fly (dynamically). When you migrate your website from localhost to production, your portfolios and galleries will work without any issues.


7月 26, 2019
Please don't waste your time. Nothing in this page is true, everything is basically fake. Also, this plugin seems to be full of FAKE reviews too.
7月 19, 2019
Without a doubt, I give WPSofts FIVE STARS, not only for the functionality of the logo/slider/gallery plugin known as Gridkit, but especially for the unwavering support provided during the trial phase as I was on the monthly subscription until I would determine if Gridkit was going to meet my needs. Nevertheless, it passed with Flying Colors! Thank you to the support team and the developers for making this one of the most oustanding WordPress plugins EVER.
7月 17, 2019
By far the BEST Portfolio Plugin available and I know, because I believe I have tried them all! GridKit is BEAUTIFULLY designed and VERY easy to use. The structure and design of this plugin is amazing. Do yourself a favor and at the very least, check it out. This plugin offers functionality that allows you to be super creative with your portfolio and, allows you to add elements easily that could have taken hours to do in code! Lastly, I was blown away at the customer service. Once I submitted an email request (after searching through the already extensive availability of FAQs) the email support I received in return was personable, prompt and thoughtful. GridKit I'm so happy I found you! 🙂
7月 14, 2019
You can do so many things with GridKit plugin. I'm using the extended version and there are so many customization options, so you can get any result you want. And if you meet any issue or don't know how to do specific things, they will help you with that just in hours. I have a nice showcase of my portfolio now:)
7月 12, 2019
I purchased the plugin, but did have concerns because I had some unique ideas of how to use it. I wanted to use it to display webinars and set registration. I sent a note into support explaining what I was trying to do and wasn't entirely sure it was doable. Less than 24 hours later, I received a detailed note with exactly how to accomplish our goal along with some code changes and CSS. I am so impressed with the ease of use of the plugin and the great customer support and service. I highly recommend Gridkit.
7月 8, 2019
This plugin is very easy to use and has many customization options, but even if you need something that could not be done via settings just ask their support, they'll help you to get the result you want. They did specific customizations for me and shortened my work, so I dont need to drag n drop about 300 photos)) Thank you guys!


GridKit Portfolio Gallery – portfolio, gallery, video gallery, product catalog, gallery slider, instagram feed gallery はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。




  • Advanced slider plugin with 60% unlocked features


  • Image slider is supported


  • Different menu sections depending on grid types
  • Admin section improvements


  • Front grid representation beautified
  • Bug fixed related on window resize event
  • Dashboard CSS conflicts were resolved


  • Improvements & minor fixes


  • New button added for eCommerce product catalog
  • Improvements & minor fixes


  • New portfolio grid type for Clients & Sponsors logos
  • New gallery grid type for Team Members
  • Portfolio grid layout composer UI improvements


  • Portfolio & Gallery composers support bunch selection now
  • UI improvements


  • UI improvements
  • Multipurpose Portfolio Gallery tested & compatible with WordPress 4.9


  • Some paid portfolio/gallery grid customization options were opened in Free version


  • Light dashboard theme is supported


  • Grid Kit / Multipurpose Portfolio Plugin is being released as an alternative for Career Portfolio