Post Slider Carousel & Custom Post Grids


Post Slider in WordPress is a jQuery supper awesome carousel for your wordpress website. WordPress Post Slider Carousel plugin will enable awesome Slider as well post gird.

Post slider and Post Gallery wordpress responsive lets you displays Posts, Pages or any other Custom Post Type Carousel/Slider in wordpress. You can use from a bunch of pre made Custom Post Templates. Select the posts by post type or taxonomy, term and specific posts can also be from list.

🔸 Gallery Demo
🔸 Slider Demo
🔸 Mansory Demo
🔸 All Layout

Plugin Features

  • Filter by different post categories
  • Custom Post type allow
  • Slider, Grid Avaible
  • There is various layout of 3 template avaible in both
  • Owl carousel supported
  • Order by date, random, recent added avaible
  • Slider title , font color, font size, font align, font weight
  • Show/hide post title, post author, post date, feature image, post description , Pagination
  • Increase and decrease post description by length
  • Total posts, Per Row avaible
  • Responsive slider and mobile frienldy
  • Auto Play, Spacing Between two Post, Auto Play Timeout, Auto Play Hover Pause, Slider arrow
  • WordPress post slider with thumbnails
  • custom post type with gallery and slider
  • Can be use placeholder image
  • Mobile Per Row, Tablet Per Row
  • Slider, Grid, Mansory Layout
  • There is various layout of 5 template avaible in both

Post gird can be make your website with attractive with lots of template. there will be custom post grid allow to setup there

Custom post type for slider and gallery both can be issue

Post Slider in WordPress use for mutliple custom post type there is filter with category as well another use full option

How to add Post Slider in WordPress

Post slider / carousel is a fully responsive and mobile friendly carousel which comes with lots of features. It allows you to create multiple sliders on your web site anywhere you like easily. It can be used to showcase products filtered by specific, different or multiple categories in WordPress Post Carousel Slider Plugin.

Here is guild line how to use Post Slider WordPress

Allow feature to any custom post type for Category Post Slider and Grid WordPress Plugin. Also that can be use WordPress Post Featured Image Slider Plugin to make attractive design of page

Post slider wordpress plugin free uses OWL Carousel Owl Carousel Post Slider WordPress in new version.



  1. Go to the Plugins Menu in WordPress
  2. Search for “Post Slider”
  3. Click “Install”
  4. Go to “Post Carousel” in your admin dashboard
  5. Press the “Add new” button
  6. Configure your Setting
  7. Press “Update” button and copy & paste your shortcode


Perfect for what I needed - a slider/carousel showing a custom post type. Has some really useful options as well. Great job and thanks for providing this!


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