Prayer 24-7


The Prayer 24-7 WordPress Plugin allows churches to sign-up to pray in one-hour timeslots over a defined period. For example, this could be 7 days of round-the-clock prayer, a longer period, or just one day. Users select the hours from an expanding grid during which they will commit to pray, enter their name and email address to confirm and then submit their selection. They receive an email confirming their selection and the timeslots are coloured to indicate other users’ selections. This results in mutual encouragement in prayer across the church.

  1. Choose any start and end time from the Admin settings.
  2. All functionality is achieved by adding the [p247DrawSlots] shortcode to any page on your website.
  3. Church name and host email can be set, ie, it can be different to the website admin email.
  4. Users can select any timeslots from any days.
  5. The colour representation of ‘booked’ slots provides a growing excitement for prayer across the church.


  • This is the settings page, allowing the user to set the start and end date/times, colour scheme and email information.
  • An example of a month of prayer underway.
  • Each day expands to show the hour timeslots, allowing the user to select as many as they wish (here shown in blue). Here, the timeslots that have been selected already by other user(s) are coloured orange.
  • The information that the user must supply to confirm their selection.


  1. The plugin file is available on request from, or simply install from within WordPress.
  2. For manual installation, unzip the file and copy the contents to your WordPress plugin folder.
  3. Within the WordPress back end, go to the plugins page and Activate the plugin Prayer 24-7. A menu item will appear on the Admin menu.
  4. Go to settings within the Prayer 24-7 menu, and set the start and end date/time for your prayer campaign.
  5. Create a page on your website for your prayer campaign. This would include, for example, vision, prophetic words, and the instructions.
  6. Include on that page the shortcode [p247DrawSlots].


We've used the plugin very successfully for a recent 24/7 event for Grace Church here on the south coast of England, UK. It was easy to configure and use, both for the staff team us and members of our congregation. It is so helpful to have the coloured indicators to show how the prayer slots were being filled up. What we also loved was the email confirmation to sign-ups and the back end information accessible to the admin team. Thank you David, great work! 🙂


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2.2.1 (19 Feb 2021)

  • Added language support

2.1.2 (22 Dec 2020)

  • Improved XSS security

2.1.1 (06 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed AJAX security bug

2.1.0 (30 Nov 2020)

  • Added support for user-defined colours
  • Changed selection confirmation form to be fixed position in viewport

2.0.0 (1 Nov 2020)

  • Added support for user-defined time period

1.0.0 (13 May 2020)

  • Initial release