PublishareBot API Endpoint


@publishareBot is a bot which automatically publishes your Telegram posts to other platforms like your blog, your website, Twitter…

This plugin generates a web endpoint to interface your WP website with the bot.

You can visit the project website to get more info.


  • Plugin page. In this page you get the generated Endpoint url that you have to pass to the bot (see next screenshots).
  • Telegram Bot, step 1: go to the menu button of @publishareBot.
  • Telegram Bot, step 2: select the /list option.
  • Telegram Bot, step 3: select one of your channels (where you previously installed the bot).
  • Telegram Bot, step 4: click Your own website button.
  • Telegram Bot, step 5: click Insert button.
  • Telegram Bot, step 6: Paste and send the Endpoint url that you just copied from the plugin page.
  • Telegram Bot, step 7: All done!


Once installed, the plugin will automatically generate an endpoint URL to be used with the Telegram bot @publishareBot.
From the WordPress admin panel: go to Settings > PublishareBot, copy the Endpoint url and paste it to the bot settings.

By uninstalling the plugin, the endpoint will stop working.

To get more info about the service and the project, just visit the official FAQ page.




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