Quiz Expert – Easy Quiz Maker, Exam and Test Manager


Fast & easy quiz maker. You can also create tests, exams or surveys. Create unlimited multiple-choice, true-false and short questions with this plugin.

Shortcode Or Settings

  • [quiz_expert]


  • Create MCQ questions from 2 options to 26 options.
  • Create True False and Short Question.
  • Exam can be taken.
  • Have the option to do exercise.
  • Automatically create a post with creating the quiz.
  • One way easy and fast insertion of questions.
  • Have exam timer.
  • See result instant.

How to Integrate

  • Very Simple
  • Create a quiz
  • Insert questions in that quiz.

Style and Layout

  • Most of the layout and styling have been from core WordPress CSS.
  • All Frontend styles and layout has been tested using the WordPress TwentyTwenty theme.


  • Add a new quiz
  • Add a multiple-choice question.
  • Add user data field.
  • All Quizzes Page
  • Results Page
  • After adding the user data field.
  • Submit user data by a user.
  • User submitted data to show on the admin page.
  • Front end answer submission view
  • Front end score view


Are there restrictions and/or limitations to a Paid/Pro Version?

NO! This Plugin is completely Free.

Are there restrictions for adding quiz/questions?

There is no limit to the number of quizzes/questions. You can add as many quizzes/questions as you want.

Can I embed a quiz manually?

Yes. Post the shortcode to any Post or Page: [quiz_expert= “ID”], where ID is the ID of the Quiz.

Where to change the quiz settings?

Settings you can change are located inside Edit Page.




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From 1.3.6 to 1.4.8 copiled in upgrade notice

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