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WHMCS Live Sales Notification(Recent Sales Popup) WP Plugin

このプラグインは WordPress の最新3回のメジャーリリースに対してテストされていません。もうメンテナンスやサポートがされていないかもしれず、最新バージョンの WordPress で使用した場合は互換性の問題が発生する可能性があります。

WHMCS Live Sales Notification(Recent Sales Popup) WP Plugin


Majority of website visitors will abandon their carts or fail to express interest in any of your store products largely due to lack of trust. Worry no more about this because this module lets your site visitors know that you have traffic and people are buying frequently from your shop. This builds up client confidence leading to more sales. Whenever a product is purchased clients/visitors who are online will see a notification popup displaying details of customer first name, location, the product they have purchased and the time elapsed since the product was purchased. This also creates a sense of urgency and makes customers feel more compelled to buy if they believe that they are about to miss out on the products that everyone else is buying. You can also create dummy sales to display if your WHMCS is not as busy as you would like it to be.

To use this plugin effectively, you need to get this WHMCS module: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4661


  1. Upload “wp-hpsalespopup” folder to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.




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  1. Change the background colour of the popup or place an image as the background
  2. Create dummy sales to display if the store is not as busy as you would like
  3. Choose whether to display dummy sales only
  4. Choose whether to display real sales only
  5. Choose whether to display a blend of real sales and dummy sales
  6. Mobile-friendly popup
  7. Choose whether to hide in mobile devices
  8. Choose the number of days to hide the popup if visitor clicks close(×) to hide the popup. This is the duration of the browser cookie that will prevent the popup from being displayed.
  9. Choose the maximum number of days beyond which not to display orders
  10. Change pop-up border colour
  11. Change Client name colour
  12. Change city and country font colour
  13. Change product name font colour
  14. Change time font colour
  15. Change pop-up border style
  16. Change client name font-weight
  17. Change city, country font-weight
  18. Change product name font-weight
  19. Change time font-weight
  20. Change time font-style
  21. Change client name font-style
  22. Change city, country font-style
  23. Change product name font-style
  24. Change other writings(from, purchased, ×) colour
  25. Change other writings(from, purchased, ×) font-style
  26. Change other writings(from, purchased, ×) font-weight
  27. Give every product a unique image in the advanced settings
  28. Popup preview to see your changes
  29. Display popup in client area pages