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Resize Control – Compress and resize images after upload

Resize Control – Compress and resize images after upload


Auto resize and compress all your future uploads. Automate all your media resolutions and sizes for you and your wp accounts to save time, site speed, SEO score, disk space and bandwidth. This is a free and easy-to-use plugin that updates frequently. Created by the team behind Running Wombat.


  • Automatically optimize all future uploads.
  • Set maximum image dimensions.
  • Convert PNGs to JPGs.
  • Set compression level from 0 to 10 (also for PNG).
  • Ignore roles for all set resize settings.
  • Don’t leave unnecessary files on the server.
  • No change in the upload process at all.
  • Easy setup.

Pro Version Coming Soon

The Pro version of Resize Control will offer advanced features such as:

  • Customize resize control per post type, allowing for different settings for products, blogs, etc.
  • Convert any image automatically to JPG or WEBP, not just PNG to JPG.
  • Choose between different resize methods: cover, contain, fill, and scale down.
  • Set default background colors for resizing.

Do you have a question or suggestion

Contact support https://tuningwp.com/support/



  • General settings panel
  • Settings page for all media like compress, resize etc.
  • Per post type overview


  1. Upload the resize-control folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. In the dashboard sidebar, click on “Resize control” to go to the “general” screen.
  4. Here, you can activate resizing globally and you can choose which WP roles shouldn’t be affected by the resize/optimization options (e.g., the admin role).
  5. Now go to “Per post type” in the sidebar and click “default” to set overarching options for all post types.
  6. Enter “Image dimensions,” check the option to convert png to jpg, and set the compression level.
  7. Click “Save.” All future uploads should now be automatically resized and compressed.


What file types does Resize Control support?

Resize Control supports all common image file types like JPEG, WEBP and PNG.

Does it compress the images ?

Absolutely, this plugin squishes the original images, and you get to pick the quality.

How do I disable resizing for specific roles?

In the ‘General’ screen of the plugin, you can select which roles should not be affected by resizing.

Does it leave any extra files or EXIF data on the server?

No, all media are optimized before upload, so there are no extra files or data left.

Does it resize previously uploaded images

Images uploaded before installing this plugin won’t get resized.




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1.0.5 [July 5, 2024]

  • Fix: Not loading media library.

1.0.4 [June 26, 2024]

  • Add: Background color shadow.
  • Fix: Premium posttype sizing.
  • Fix: Posttype hitbox size.

1.0.3 [June 21, 2024]

  • Added: Premium styles and features.
  • Fix: Added all tooltips to translations.
  • Fix: Minor styling tweaks.
  • Fix: Minor js optimisations.
  • Change: plugin title.

1.0.2 [Apr 14, 2024]

  • Added: Extra install, features and FAQ documentation.
  • Added: Preview plugin support.
  • Fix: Background color placeholder change.
  • Fix: Minor styling tweaks.

1.0.1 [Apr 3, 2024]

  • Added: Translations pot file, to allow community to translate.
  • Added: Compatibility for future pro version.
  • Fix: Ignore role buttons did not work correctly.
  • Fix: Minor styling tweaks.
  • Fix: Tested for WordPress 6.5.

1.0.0 [Apr 3, 2024]

  • Initial release, no changes.