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We searched and tried multiple plugs out there for setting up Google Shopping Campaigns and Retargeting. Some of them were so complicated and others just were half baked. ROI Hunter made Google Adwords marketing for us a breeze. Installed the plugins and a couple of questions later, everything was setup and running. Google Shopping Campaigns had to be requested to be setup and the support team was excellent and very responsive especially Tom and Kamil. The amount of thought that has been put in this plugin just shows.There are other plugins out there that market themselves like crazy, but this one is more action and less talk. It does what its intended to do and works really well. Very happy with this plugin and highly recommend it!
Easy to set up, I've create campaigns for Google and Facebook within a few minutes. After 2-3 days I had the first additional sales and they start growing and growing. And I really love this great support. My questions and problems are solved within a few hours.
ROI Hunter Easy is definitely one of the most useful plugins we use as a small furniture manfacturer & merchant. Not only is it super easy to setup, but also whenever we need help or if there is a problem, we get immediate & helpful support from the ROI Hunter team (Tom). It allows us to simplify our remarketing workflow and save big on agencies, all stress free.
less than 5 minutes of Setup time and you are up and running, Ad spend is very economic. Results within 2 days of use. give it a shot


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