Sales Report Woo


Sales Report Woo is all in one reporting plugin for WooCommerce. No gibberish data and no complicated terms. Simple and actionable insights.

1. Sales Dashboard
2. Guests and Registered Buyers List with Easy Filters
3. Orders Overview with Quick Filters.

Premium Features
1. Orders by Country
2. Orders by Payment Methods
3. Orders by Devices
4. Top Buyers per Country
5. Top Buyers per Payment Methods
6. Easy CSV Export for each list
7. Export Buyers for each products

and many more…


Info you will find in the Sales Dashboard of Sales Report Woo plugin

User generated data
The reports are not based on Google Analytics or other third party tools so the data you get is exact user data generated in your site itself.

Sales data comparison
You will find sales data comparison on the dashboard. So, it gets easier to set KPIs and sales targets for the next month, in just a glance.

Top 5 products
Your top 5 products that generate more revenue are visible right on the dashboard. This guides you about the products which you should never go out-of-stock. Keeping an eye on this section will help you identify if any of your top products start to perform less.

Top earning product categories
Another crucial information you receive on the dashboard is the top earning product categories. This helps you to run ads to generate more revenue. Also, if some products fall in the top category but are not generating earnings to your satisfaction, you can check the points to optimize.

Info you’ll find in the Sales Insights section

What are the two main components of a sale?
Customers – Who bought the product?
Orders – What did they buy?

Sales insights offers you detailed information about the Customers and Orders.

Customers – Sales Insights
Here’s how using the Customers section in Sales Insights of Sales Report Woo plugin helps you make your WooCommerce store business grow.

The first point to analyse is how many customers bought from your store within a given period of time. This report will help you compare, set a benchmark and set your target for sales growth.

Next, you get the Email address, orders, last order date and other data about your registered buyers. You also get all this information about your Guest buyers except for the Email & last order date. Now you know where to set up the opt-in bribes to increase registration, get email and fuel your marketing campaign better.

With the actual data about your customers provided by this plugin, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to grow your WooCommerce business.

Orders – Sales Insights
Just as the Customer in Sales Insights, the Orders section also presents you with an abundance of data that is not confusing but can be used in many clever ways.

What you’ll initially see in this section are the date and order status filters that will arrange order data such as Orders, Date, Status, Total and Items.

But when you start to make the meaning of data and read the story of WooCommerce sales report like many eCommerce analysts do, you’ll find what items keep your business standing strong, and during which times you should work hard or take a quick break.

The Premium Features
The features offered in the premium version of this plugin makes it a complete analytics and reporting plugin for WooCommerce stores. Whether you are running your own store or working as an analyst for a business, this plugin aims to serve the best purpose to make your analysis easy and accurate. However, if you have some feature requests that would make your work easier, we’d happily listen to you and work on adding your request to our development pipeline.

Interested in the premium version of the plugin? Write to us at

If you’d like to check out the code and contribute, join us on Github.


  1. Unzip and upload the sales-report-woo directory to the plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/) or install it from Plugins » Add New » Upload.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.

Please feel free to reach out to in case of any queries.


Unlike many plugins that need codes from other parties, this plugin calculates the sales and product data from the WooCommerce plugin. Have a question then you get the answer, no unnecessary details, just the core information that is absolutely needed. Recommended to use!


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