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I have noticed that only the fields that in the Custom Form 7 format save to the database but not html fields within Contact Form 7. [number* T1 min:0 max:100000 id:T1 step:3 placeholder “Target 1*”] – This saves to the database as a separate column in the database and works as designed The below fields do not save to the database although they are part of the same Contact Form 7 form <input type=”number” name=”T2″ min=0 max=100000 id:T2 step=0.05 placeholder=”Target 2″><input type=”number” name=”T3″ min=0 max=100000 id:T3 step=0.05 placeholder=”Target 3″> Please advise if there is a workaround to get the html fields to save also. I have certain limitations due to which I am unable to use all contact form 7 fields.
Using this for translation submissions for a undergraduate publication. It serves its purpose well! Would love to see built in support for deleting entries.
All great – but also nocticed you can make UI design much better 🙂 Maybe make tables text bolder too
2017年7月21日 2 replies
The CSV is not exported with quotes or escaped commas – so any saved field which contains variables (messages) and may contain commas, the whole csv structure is interpreted wrong and renders this function useless. Weird that this is still happening in a 2.0 version of something. I did test it with shorter messages and did not discover it, else I would not have used this plugin – the csv-export was my main reason to install it. Deleting is only possible from phpMyAdmin, which is a usability issue but will be fixed as claimed on the plugin page. Else everything is working as intended and this plugin is a good little tool to keep the messages saved in database.


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