Broken Link Checker

投稿や固定ページなどすべてのコンテンツについて、SEO 改善のためにリンク切れや消えた画像をチェックします。問題のあるリンクを発見すると通知します。

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Broken Link Checker

An easy to use link checker for WordPress to detect broken links and images on your website.

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Broken Link Checker for YouTube

Will automatically validate
YouTube embeds found in your published posts content using the official API.

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Broken Link Checker | Finder

Detect broken links, broken images, embed youtube videos using the simple to use Broken Link Checker | Finder plugin.

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Save Post. Check Links.

Verifies URLs of links in your content are reachable when saving a post in WordPress.

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SEO Help

SEO Help provides helpful hints to generate LinkBait or Clickbait titles & Increase Click Through Rate or CTR. Broken link checker, Open all exter …

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Link Library


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Link Whisper Free

Quickly build smart internal links both to and from your content. Additionally, gain valuable insights with in-depth internal link reporting.

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Simple Link Directory

WordPress Directory plugin to curate topic based link collections. Curate gorgeous Link Directory, Link List, Link Archive, Partners or Vendors Direct …

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404 Notify

Get a notification whenever a 404 is encountered on your web site.

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SEO Checker

SEO Checker helps WordPress website pages rank better in search engines.

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Validate Link

A Very simple plugin for editors. It will outline any invalid links upon saving the post.

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PrePost SEO

WordPress SEO plugin: Check Plagiarism / Duplicate Content, Broken Links, Keyword density, content, meta tags, images optimization, etc.

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WP Link Builder

The WP Link Builder plugin detects and promotes your backlinks: "This is like SEO on autopilot".
Compatible with all other popular SEO plugi …

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Easily check your wordpress blog whenever you want to find any broken links. This plugin uses the CrawlForMe plateform.

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