Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Organize your documentation and FAQs with our extendable Knowledge Base plugin. Easy to use, flexible and professional.

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Very Simple Knowledge Base

This is a lightweight plugin to create a knowledge base. Add the shortcode on a page or use the widget to display your categories and posts.

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BasePress Knowledge Base

Build a single or multiple knowledge bases with ease.
Let users find the information they need and reduce the cost of customer support.

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Knowledge Base

Quickly and efficiently create a highly-flexible knowledge base or FAQ on your WordPress blog.

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Best Knowledge Base Software for WordPress

Best WordPress Knowledge Base FAQ Plugin. Help your users find information faster with easy-to-use and powerful knowledgebase, responsive FAQ.

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WP Knowledge Base

Turn your WordPress site into a knowledge base.

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WP Knowledgebase

Simple and flexible knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

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KB Support – WordPress Help Desk, Support & Knowledge Base plugin

The ultimate support ticket system, helpdesk and knowledge base tool plugin for WordPress.

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KnowledgeBase Help Desk

KnowledgeBase HelpDesk X is an advanced Knowledgebase plugin with floating HelpDesk, glossary & Knowledge base features all in one.

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Knowledge Base CPT

Enables a 'knowledge base post' type and 'section' taxonomy.

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Build a frequently answered question (FAQ) knowledge base for WordPress. Build a FAQ database to create and manage FAQs.

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Plugin Name: Blue Rooster Knowledge Base Plugin

Create an attractive online help knowledge base from your WordPress dashboard with Blue Rooster Knowledge Base.

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Schema JSON-LD Markup | WPSSO Add-on

Schema JSON-LD markup and Google SEO Rich Results for Articles, Events, Local Business, Products, Recipes, Reviews and many more.

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The Hack Repair Guy's Plugin Archiver

The Hack Repair Guy's Plugin Archiver allows you to archive plugins or backup plugins by moving plugins out of the WordPress Plugins list and plu …

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BasePress Knowledge Base + Oxygen Visual Site Builder Integration

Integrate BasePress Knowledge Base with Oxygen Visual Site Builder

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WP BASE Booking of Appointments, Services and Events

The most feature rich and flexible appointment booking system that allows business owners accept hourly or daily appointment reservations from front e …

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