Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs

Organize your documentation and FAQs with our extendable Knowledge Base plugin. It's easy to use, flexible and professional.

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Very Simple Knowledge Base

This is a lightweight plugin to create a knowledge base. Add the shortcode on a page or use the widget to display your categories and posts.

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BasePress Knowledge Base

Build a single or multiple knowledge bases with ease.
Let users find the information they need and reduce the cost of customer support.

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Knowledge Base CPT

Enables a 'knowledge base post' type and 'section' taxonomy.

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Knowledge Base

Quickly and efficiently create a highly-flexible knowledge base or FAQ on your WordPress blog.

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HelpPress Knowledge Base

A WordPress knowledge base plugin compatible with almost any theme.

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Best Knowledge Base Software for WordPress

Best WordPress Knowledge Base FAQ Plugin. Help your users find information faster with easy-to-use and powerful knowledgebase, responsive FAQ.

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KnowledgeBase HelpDesk

KnowledgeBase HelpDesk X is an advanced Knowledgebase plugin with floating HelpDesk, glossary & Knowledge base features all in one.

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WP Knowledge Base

Turn your WordPress site into a knowledge base.

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Freshdesk (official)

Quickly embed the Freshdesk help widget, convert WordPress comments to tickets and seamlessly log your WordPress users in to your suppport portal.

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WP Knowledgebase

Simple and flexible knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

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Build a frequently answered question (FAQ) knowledge base for WordPress. Build a FAQ database to create and manage FAQs.

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Knowledge Base – Knowledge Base Maker

Organize your documentation and FAQs with our Knowledge Base Maker plugin. It's easy to use, flexible and professional.

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