Multisite Language Switcher

A simple, powerful and easy to use plugin that will help you to manage multilingual content in a multisite WordPress installation.

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Asgaros Forum

Asgaros Forum is the best forum-plugin for WordPress! It comes with dozens of features in a beautiful design and stays simple and fast.

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User Switching

WordPress のユーザーアカウントを瞬時に切り替えます。

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Register IPs

When a new user registers, their IP address is logged. Supports multisite and single site!

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Email Log

Log and view all outgoing emails from WordPress. Works with WordPress Multisite as well.

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Multisite Toolbar Additions

Adds a lot useful admin links to the WordPress Toolbar / Admin Bar in Multisite, Network and single site installs. Comes with extended plugin support!

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Multisite Enhancements

Enhance Multisite for Network Admins with different topics

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Individual Multisite Author

This plugin enables individual author descriptions for each single blog in a multisite network.

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Delete Me

Allow users with specific WordPress roles to delete themselves from the Your Profile page or anywhere Shortcodes can be used.

Clinton Caldwell 有効インストール数: 8,000+ 5.4.2で検証済み 3か月前に更新

Recently Registered

Add a sortable column to the users list to show registration date.

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WP OPcache

This plugin allows to manage Zend OPcache inside your WordPress admin dashboard.

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Allows WordPress admins to manage unactivated users, by activating them manually, deleting their pending registrations, or resending the activation em …

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Servebolt Optimizer

This plugin adds functionality to implement Servebolt WordPress best practices. This includes database optimizations, log review, performance recommen …

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Adds the output of the Multisite Language Switcher to one (or more) of your navigation menu(s)

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