WP Admin Protect

Protect your WP Admin from visitors, this plugin easily change your wp-login url to hide it from users.

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WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

This wp plugin protect the posts content from being copied by any other web site author (content copy protection) , you dont want your content to spre …

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Protect Your Admin

Hide your WP Admin URL using a secret term and secure your website against hackers!!

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Secure Copy Content Protection

Copy Protection plugin is activated it disables the right click, copy paste, content selection and copy shortcut keys

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WP Content Copy Protection

WP Content Copy Protection は、オンラインコンテンツ(テキスト/ソース/画像/ビデオ/オーディオ)を盗用されないように保護するための有効な手法を使っています。

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WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design


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WP Copy Content Protection

WP Copy Content Protection wordpress plugin protects the content from being stolen by content thieves. It disables the right-mouse click and disables …

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Search Exclude

Hide any post or page from the search results.

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Protect uploads

Protect your uploads directory to people who want to browse it. Avoid browsing of your uploads directory by adding a htaccess or index.php file.

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DMCA Protection Badge

The DMCA Protection plugin for WordPress lets you install protection badges on your site in order to deter content thieves and protect your content

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WebDefender Security – Protection & AntiSpam

PRO Security – Antivirus Scanner, 2-Layer Protection Hide Security, Brute Force Security & Antispam, Security Website and Security Hardening.

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NS8 Protect™

NS8 Protect for WooCommerce and WordPress helps you minimize the impact of fraud on your business without blocking valid customers.

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