Htaccess File Editor

Simple editor htaccess file without using FTP client.

Mantrabrain 有効インストール数: 5,000+ 5.7で検証済み 1か月前に更新

pCloud Backup

pCloud Backup va vous permettre de réaliser des sauvegardes de votre/vos site(s) WordPress (et WooCommerce) directement sur votre cloud pCloud.

Josselyn Jayant 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.5.3で検証済み 8か月前に更新

XCloner Google Drive

This is the Google Drive remote storage addon for the XCloner Backup plugin. It requires XCloner Backup and Restore plugin to be installed.

Liuta Ovidiu 有効インストール数: 2,000+ 5.4.4で検証済み 8か月前に更新

Export Import Menus

A plugin that lets you export and import your WordPress menus in our own website under Appearance section to Export/Import Menus.

Akshay Menariya 有効インストール数: 9,000+ 5.7で検証済み 4週間前に更新

mk Simple Backups

Allows you to create simple backups on a dedicated page nested in the "Tools" Menu.

Michael Kühni 有効インストール数: 80+ 5.5.3で検証済み 7か月前に更新

1 Click WordPress Migration Plugin

No technical skills needed. No file downloads, size limitations, or premium versions. Easy to use migration plugin that just works.

1ClickMigration 有効インストール数: 300+ 5.7で検証済み 1か月前に更新

Backup & Restore Manager

Simple automated Backup and Restore of your WordPress Website.

OnionBazaar 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.7で検証済み 1か月前に更新

All-in-One WP Migration Folder Excluder

This tiny, open-source plugin provides a missing functionality of All-in-One WP Migration plugin to exclude the selective folders from the backup.

Zeeshan Ahmed 有効インストール数: 2,000+ 5.6.2で検証済み 3か月前に更新

Magni Image Flip For WooCommerce

Magni Image Flip adds a flip effect on your woocommerce product thumbnail images. It takes the first image from the gallery and uses it as a second im …

Magnigenie 有効インストール数: 700+ 5.5.3で検証済み 6か月前に更新

Vercel Deploy Hooks

A WordPress plugin to deploy a static site to Vercel when you publish a new WordPress post, update a WordPress post or deploy on command from the Word …

Arden de Raaij 有効インストール数: 90+ 5.5.3で検証済み 6か月前に更新

Really Simple Backup

A simple backup of your Theme, Uploads, Plugins and Database – proceed at your own risk…

Hotscot 有効インストール数: 200+ 5.4.4で検証済み 11か月前に更新

Gosign – Text with Image Block

This plugins contains Text with Image Block which will allows you to show image with different aligement positions in text in WordPress 5 (Codename: G … 有効インストール数: 900+ 5.5.3で検証済み 8か月前に更新

WP Register Profile With Shortcode

This is a simple registration form in the widget. just install the plugin and add the register widget in the sidebar. Thats it. 🙂 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 5.4.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新