Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

The most comprehensive directory plugin to create job listings, classified ads, booking directory, local directory, service directory, pets directory

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Connections Business Directory


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Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Build any kind of directory site: classifieds, cars, bikes & other vehicles dealers site, pets, real estate portal, yellow pages, etc…

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Business Directory Plugin | GeoDirectory

The best Business Directory Plugin. Build any directories: Business directory, real estate, job listings, classifieds, and much more.

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Simple Link Directory

WordPress Directory plugin to curate topic based link collections. Curate gorgeous Link Directory, Link List, Link Archive, Partners or Vendors Direct …

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Name Directory

Name directory (glossary) with lots of options. Very easy to add to your site with a simple shortcode. It can have multiple directories.

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Simple Business Directory with Google Maps

Business Directory plugin. MULTIPURPOSE with Google Maps for listing directory, STAFF Directory, Store Locator, Employee Directory, Company Directory, …

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LDD Directory Lite

The LDD Directory Lite plugin is the best way to add a powerful, fully functional and free custom directory to your WordPress powered web site.

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Staff List

Staff, faculty, team, church or employee directories. Filters, menus and single pages.

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Next Active Directory Integration

Next Active Directory Integration allows WordPress to authenticate, authorize, create and update users against Microsoft Active Directory. 有効インストール数: 3,000+ 5.7.3で検証済み 6か月前に更新

Staff Directory Plugin: Company Directory

Staff Directory widget and shortcode for adding Faculty, Employee, or Staff list to your WordPress Theme, with a simple interface.

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Member Directory and Contact Form

Create and display a member/staff directory and contact form. Sortable list of staff by position/title. Spambot protected contact form. Many options.

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Dynamic User Directory

Powerful and feature-rich user directory based on user profile meta fields.

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CM Business Directory

Updated and tested 2021 Version!. Helps you build business directories and category based local listings. Search or browse local businesses within the …

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