Favorites for any post type. Easily add favoriting/liking, wishlists, or any other similar functionality using the developer-friendly API.

Kyle Phillips 有効インストール数: 10,000+ 5.0.8で検証済み 1年前に更新

HivePress Favorites

Allow users to keep a list of favorite listings.

HivePress 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.3.2で検証済み 3週間前に更新


Setup Twitter feeds to pull a user's public timeline, public list, favorite tweets, or a custom search term, phrase, or hashtag.

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Import Bookmarks

Import browser bookmarks into WordPress.

Jan Boddez 有効インストール数: 10未満 5.2.5で検証済み 4か月前に更新

Realty Portal – My Favorites

Stable tag: 0.3.1

License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

The add-on allows user to save your properties as fa …

NooTeam 有効インストール数: 300+ 4.8.12で検証済み 11か月前に更新

EDD Favorites

Favorite/Unfavorite downloads in Easy Digital Downloads with just 1 click.

Easy Digital Downloads 有効インストール数: 200+ 4.8.12で検証済み 3年前に更新

WP Favorite Posts


Huseyin Berberoglu 有効インストール数: 10,000+ 4.4.21で検証済み 4年前に更新


This plugin adds a readinglist where registered users can add and delete favorite articles. The list is accessible from any page on the website.

Sander de Wijs 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.9.13で検証済み 1年前に更新


Adds strength to authorized users in the beginning of the article.

Karpiuk Yurii 有効インストール数: 10未満 5.2.5で検証済み 9か月前に更新

Howdy Tweaks

Change "Howdy" and add more links to the Favorites drop-down

Kailey Lampert 有効インストール数: 300+ 4.6.17で検証済み 3年前に更新

Rk Image Upload

This plugin could use for upload a single image to media and display on frontend by using a image upload widget.

Raman Kumar 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.8.12で検証済み 3年前に更新

WordsTree Pocket Navigator

The plugin to make available for you, while you write, your Pocket favorites.

Savio Resende 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.9.13で検証済み 1年前に更新

Wishlist WooCommerce

WooCommerce adds wishlist button to product and helps customers to save their favorite products in a wishlist page.

XootiX 有効インストール数: 100+ 4.5.13で検証済み 4年前に更新

Quick Product Image Upload

Easily upload and delete product images on main product screen, without having to edit each product.

B Bendel 有効インストール数: 400+ 3.9.30で検証済み 5年前に更新


Let you create single/bulk post after uploading any media from wordpress media gallery.

Starnuto di topo 有効インストール数: 40+ 4.1.29で検証済み 5年前に更新

Multiupload In Custom Taxonomy

> We provide advance level of support for installation and customization at $10/hour.

August Infotech 有効インストール数: 40+ 4.2.26で検証済み 4年前に更新

Boxer Image Upload

This plugin could use for upload a single image to media and display on frontend by using a image upload widget.

Mandeep Singh Mann 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.1.29で検証済み 5年前に更新

Highlight Bookmark Manager

Allow readers to highlight and bookmark POSTs with simply highlight buttons. Easy to add personal notes on POSTs and share.

HiLight 有効インストール数: 10未満 3.4.2で検証済み 4年前に更新