Chief Editor

Helps wordpress multisite "chief editor" to manage all drafts, comments, authors and "ready for publication" sends across the netw …

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Loyalty.js tracks visitor page views and helps you to serve content dynamically based on visitor loyalty.

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Newsletter SMS – SMSAPI

Wtyczka umożliwia dodanie newslettera, który pozwala na gromadzenie numerów telefonów subskrybentów oraz wysyłkę wiadomości SMS do posiadanej bazy.

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Connect WPLMS Learning Management System with DW Questions and Answers Plugin

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Display All Image Sizes

Displays all sizes of each image, including name, dimensions, and permalink for each size.

Press Up 有効インストール数: 4,000+ 4.7.15で検証済み 3年前に更新

WP Post Block

WP Post Block is an easy way to insert your posts into your content without a single line of code!

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Dokan Plus

This plugin will help you to restrict your marketplace built with Dokan Multivendor Marketplace.

Team csCode 有効インストール数: 60+ 5.2.4で検証済み 2か月前に更新

JSON Structuring Markup

JSON Structuring markup is simply the easiest solution to add valid as a JSON script in the head of posts and pages.

YAS Global Team 有効インストール数: 100+ 4.9.12で検証済み 2年前に更新

WooCommerce Request Network Payment Gateway

Request for WooCommerce is a simple way to accept cryptocurrency payments on your WooCommerce store, with no setup fees, no monthly fees and no hidden …

Adam Dowson 有効インストール数: 50+ 4.9.12で検証済み 1年前に更新

WP Email Template

Add a beautiful HTML Template to all WordPress and plugin generated emails. Send email options – SMTP, Gmail, Mandrill, SparkPost, GoDaddy Hosting sup …

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Zanto WP Translation (For Multisites)

Zanto WP Translation helps you run a multilingual site by providing linkage between content in blogs of different languages in a WordPress multisite.

Ayebare Mucunguzi Brooks 有効インストール数: 50+ 4.1.28で検証済み 5年前に更新

Conference Scheduler

Easily manage and display complex workshop schedules for conferences, and share workshop details in a clean, searchable, responsive interface.

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WP Link Builder

The WP Link Builder plugin detects and promotes your backlinks: "This is like SEO on autopilot".
Compatible with all other popular SEO plugi …

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Quotes Everywhere!

This plugin will get your (inspirational) quotes wherever you want them to appear on your site. Way to easy to customise! Just Copy-Paste your quotes!

Sam Simons, krommesammie 有効インストール数: 10未満 3.6.1で検証済み 6年前に更新

Blog To HTML

Export all posts in your blog to a HTML file for ebook creation.

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Курс валют UAH

Курс валют от НБУ для Вашего сайта.

Glopium Studio 有効インストール数: 10未満 5.3で検証済み 4週間前に更新

Bdtask Booking365

Bdtask Booking365 – Responsive WordPress Appointment Plugin

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WP1 Like

Display Like button on posts, pages, custom post types and WooCommerce products.

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