WP Google Maps

The easiest to use Google maps plugin! Create a custom Google map, store locator or map widget with high quality markers containing categories, descri …

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Google Listings & Ads

Native integration with Google that allows merchants to easily display their products across Google’s network.

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Web Stories

Web Stories are a visual storytelling format for the open web which immerses your readers in fast-loading, full-screen, and visually rich experiences.

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Widgets for Google Reviews

Embed Google reviews fast and easily into your WordPress site. Increase SEO, trust and sales using Google reviews.

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Google Tag Manager for WordPress

Advanced measurement/advertising tag management and site personalisation for WordPress with Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize

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Widget for Google Reviews

Official way to show Google Reviews on WordPress site without Google crawling and other unofficial methods. Boost user trust and sales on your website …

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GA Google Analytics

Adds your Google Analytics Tracking Code to your WordPress site.

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Pixel Manager for WooCommerce

Track visitors and conversions in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Meta Pixel (Facebook Pixel), and more !

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Fonts Plugin | Google Fonts Typography

最も簡単に使える Google Fonts プラグインです。コードを書く必要はありません。スピードに対して最適化されています。1000以上のフォントから選択可能。

Fonts Plugin 有効インストール数: 200,000+ 5.9.3で検証済み 1週間前に更新

Maps Widget for Google Maps

Are your Google Maps slow? Try Map Widget for Google Maps. You'll have a fast Google Maps widget with a thumbnail & lightbox map in minutes!

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Reviews and Rating – Google My Business

Completely restriction-free Google reviews and rating as Shortcode/Widget. Extensive display options; delicious themes; includes Structured Data.

Noah Hearle, Design Extreme 有効インストール数: 20,000+ 6.0で検証済み 1週間前に更新