Broken Link Checker

投稿や固定ページなどすべてのコンテンツについて、SEO 改善のためにリンク切れや消えた画像をチェックします。問題のあるリンクを発見すると通知します。

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WP Links Page


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Gallery Custom Links

Gallery Custom Links allows you to link images from galleries to a specified URL. Tested with WordPress Gallery, Gutenberg, the Meow Gallery and other …

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Affiliate Links Lite

Create any redirect links to any website from your WordPress Admin. Perfect for the affiliate links masking.

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Simple 301 Redirects by BetterLinks


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Easy Affiliate Links

Easily manage and cloak all your affiliate links.

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Auto Affiliate Links

Automatically display affiliate links in your website content so you can make more money. You can specify the keywords and affiliate links you want to …

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The Social Links

The Social Links plugin adds a widget and shortcode to your WordPress website allowing you to display icons linking to your social profiles.

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Add Anchor Links

Creates anchor links to heading tags in the content of selected posts, just like Github does within the files.

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Broken Link Checker | Finder

Detect broken links, broken images, embed youtube videos using the simple to use Broken Link Checker | Finder plugin.

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EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links

EXMAGE – WordPress Image Links helps you save storage by using external image URLs. These images are shown in Media library like normal images so that …

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Internal Links Manager

Boost your SEO and user experience with our automated link building plugin for WordPress. With this plugin you can link any keyword to any URL – inter …

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Link Juice Keeper

Improve your SEO and keep your link juice by automatically redirecting all 404 errors to any page/post/url. User friendly options and log feature.

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