Smart PWA

Progressive Web Apps for Your Site.

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Power-up your WordPress site and get it ready for JAMStack. Take advantage of useful fields, endpoints and filters extending the WP-JSON API.

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Minimum Configuration WordPress PWA

Add Progressive Web Apps (PWA) enhancement to your WordPress with minimum configuration. Preache your assets, and add offline page.

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Easy Progressive Web App

Easy Progressive Web App by QeApps is plugin that will help Store owner to convert their WebStore into Mobile App with out need to pay any royalties o …

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Wappaa Cookies GDPR and PWA App

Wappaa cookies GDPR and PWA app plugin allows you to add Cookies banner GDPR and design your Cookies banner as you wish.

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LH Web Application

Makes your WordPress website into a fully configurable web app.

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Offline Pre-Cache

The missing plugin which will make your website load as a rocket even offline.

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This plugin uses the Workbox Library to turn your website into a progressive web app.

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Perfecty Push Notifications

Push Notifications that are self-hosted, you don't need API keys to integrate with external Push Notifications providers that will charge you lat …

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Push Notifications for WP & AMP

Push Notifications for WP & AMP makes it easy to send Web Push notifications to your users for FREE with 2 Mins setup Documentation.

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Add to home screen WP Plugin

Add to HomeScreen WordPress plugin invites your readers to add your blog as an icon / web app on home screen of their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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MarfeelPress provides publishers with higher traffic, engagement, and ad revenue through an app-like mobile website, integrated with premium monetizat …

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Write private notes within WordPress!

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Connect your Wordpress and Woocommerce shop to your application that have been generated on panel.

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WP PleaseWait – Loading Screen

Just an awesome splash screen for your website (or PWA), support 12+ spinner styles and many customizable things – message text, spinner size, backgro …

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OS Integration

User's have all kinds of devices these days and your site needs to look the best it can when being displayed, pinned or added to your users syste …

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