View Admin As

View the WordPress admin as a different role or visitor, switch between users, temporarily change your capabilities, set screen settings for roles.

Jory Hogeveen 有効インストール数: 4,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新

URL Params

Short Code to grab any URL parameter from the Query String and display it or display conditional content.

Jeremy B. Shapiro 有効インストール数: 9,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 5か月前に更新

Ultimate Addons for SiteOrigin

An ultimate collection of addons for SiteOrigin. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is required.

munirkamal 有効インストール数: 20,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 3週間前に更新

XTRA Settings

XTRA adds 40+ hidden settings, tweaks and options to tailor your wordpress website in a clean format and super-light weight.

fures 有効インストール数: 100+ 5.3で検証済み 5日前に更新

Custom post types

Custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom fields and custom templates easily, directly from the WordPress dashboard without writing code.

Andrea De Giovine 有効インストール数: 700+ 5.2.4で検証済み 6日前に更新

Apply Online

Powerful & intuitive plugin to post ads and start receiving applications online.

Spider Teams 有効インストール数: 5,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 2週間前に更新

Secure Login with TraitWare

The TraitWare plugin combined with its mobile app ensures a simple, secure login to the WordPress Dashboard and Protected Resources via web browsers b …

TraitWare 有効インストール数: 70+ 5.2.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新

Facebook for WooCommerce

Get the Official Facebook for WooCommerce plugin for two powerful ways to help grow your business, including an ads extension and shops tab for your p …

Facebook 有効インストール数: 500,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 5か月前に更新

Post Cloner

Post cloner allows you to easily make complete duplicates of any post on your site. That includes posts, pages and custom post types.

Evan Herman, Ben Rothman 有効インストール数: 4,000+ 5.1.3で検証済み 7か月前に更新

Limit Attempts by BestWebSoft

Protect WordPress website against brute force attacks. Limit rate of login attempts.

BestWebSoft 有効インストール数: 10,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 2か月前に更新

Reinstall Themes

A simple plugin to allow themes re-installation.

Nashwan Doaqan 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 5.2.4で検証済み 4週間前に更新

Breadcrumbs Shortcode

Show breadcrumbs for posts, pages and categories 有効インストール数: 70+ 5.2.4で検証済み 3か月前に更新

Disable WP All Updates Advance

Disable all your WordPress updates on plugin activation that includes WordPress core, themes and plugins.

Nilay Patel 有効インストール数: 200+ 5.2.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新