Genesis Visual Hook Guide

Find Genesis hooks (action and filter hooks) quick and easily by seeing their actual locations inside your theme.

Christopher Cochran 有効インストール数: 3,000+ 4.7.19で検証済み 4年前に更新

Genesis Style Trump

Loads Genesis child theme style sheet after plugin style sheets.

Carrie Dils 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 4.7.19で検証済み 4年前に更新

Genesis Coming Soon

This plugin allows you to create a Coming Soon, Under Construction or Maintenance page while taking advantage of all the Genesis Framework features.

Jose Manuel Sanchez 有効インストール数: 200+ 4.8.15で検証済み 4年前に更新

Continue Reading Link for Excerpts

Adds a "Continue Reading →" link to Hand-Crafted Excerpts on Archive Pages (i.e. Blog). Mainly for use with Studio Press Themes.

Fred Black 有効インストール数: 20+ 4.9.16で検証済み 3年前に更新

Genesis Featured Images

This plugin sets a default image for post thumbnails for the Genesis framework.

Travis Smith 有効インストール数: 500+ 3.2.1で検証済み 6年前に更新

Genesis Subpages as Secondary Menu

Replaces the Genesis Secondary Menu with a dynamic listing of the current section's subpages. You must be using the Genesis Theme.

Bill Erickson 有効インストール数: 200+ 4.7.19で検証済み 6年前に更新

Simple Listings for Genesis

WordPress plugin that adds a custom post type and taxonomy for real estate listings.

Robin Cornett 有効インストール数: 10未満 4.9.16で検証済み 3年前に更新

Genesis Simple Portfolio

Adds a portfolio custom post type to any WordPress website, with support for the Genesis framework.

Michael Gakuran 有効インストール数: 50+ 4.3.25で検証済み 6年前に更新

Metro Theme Widget Titles

Out of the box, StudioPress Metro theme widget titles are not compatible with some plugins. This plugin fixes that.

John Sundberg 有効インストール数: 30+ 4.2.29で検証済み 6年前に更新

Genesis Subpage Sidebar

This plugin replaces your Genesis primary sidebar with a list of child pages (supports custom post types). Only works with Genesis child themes.

Jon Schroeder 有効インストール数: 300+ 3.9.33で検証済み 7年前に更新

Genesis Simple Headers

Adds WordPress Appearance -> Header functionality to upload a custom logo or header for your site using the Genesis Theme Framework.

wp.insider, vegasgeek 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 3.9.33で検証済み 7年前に更新

Easy Genesis – Pages Extension

An extension for the Easy Genesis plugin that allows you to universally remove titles across your pages, and display the featured image (if there is o …

Doug Yuen 有効インストール数: 20+ 4.4.24で検証済み 5年前に更新

Genesis Tabs Extended

Extended version of the Genesis Tabs plugin from Studiopress. Make selected posts unique on the page. And more…

StudioPress / Johan van de Merwe 有効インストール数: 90+ 3.7.28で検証済み 6年前に更新

Genesis Post Teasers

GENESIS THEME FRAMEWORK REQUIRED. This plugin uses the genesis grid loop function to display posts teasers either on your Homepage, Archives, or Blog …

Christopher Cochran 有効インストール数: 300+ 3.6.1で検証済み 8年前に更新

Genesis Simple Breadcrumbs

Genesis Menu options with custom menu, categories, pages, and primary/secondary nav extras.

Nick_theGeek 有効インストール数: 900+ 3.3.2で検証済み 9年前に更新

Genesis Simple Comments

Genesis Menu options with custom menu, categories, pages, and primary/secondary nav extras.

Nick_theGeek 有効インストール数: 800+ 3.3.2で検証済み 9年前に更新