SVG Support

Safely upload SVG files to the Media Library. Ability to render your SVG files inline for direct styling/animation of an SVG's internal elements.

Benbodhi 有効インストール数: 700,000+ 5.8.2で検証済み 4か月前に更新

Safe SVG

Enable SVG uploads and sanitize them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities in your WordPress website

Daryll Doyle 有効インストール数: 600,000+ 5.4.8で検証済み 2年前に更新

WP SVG images

Add SVG support to your WordPress web. You can upload SVG files, you can see them as thumbnails in media library, etc.

KubiQ 有効インストール数: 20,000+ 5.8.2で検証済み 4か月前に更新

Easy SVG Support

This Plugin allows you to upload SVG Files into your Media library.

Benjamin Zekavica 有効インストール数: 8,000+ 5.8.2で検証済み 4か月前に更新

WP SVG Icons

Quickly and effortlessly enable 490+ beautifully designed SVG font icons, available on the frontend and backend of your site.

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SVG Favicon

Upload SVG favicons to your site!

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GP Social Share

Add social share icons to single posts within GeneratePress Theme

West Coast Digital 有効インストール数: 1,000+ 5.7.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新

SVG Social Menu

Display your social media profile links with vector icons using a custom navigation menu.

Florian Brinkmann 有効インストール数: 700+ 5.2.13で検証済み 2年前に更新

WP Mapa Politico España

Inserta una imagen de un mapa político de España, con áreas definidas sobre las provincias sobre las que se pueden definir hipervínculos.

Juan Carlos Gomez-Lobo 有効インストール数: 700+ 5.8.2で検証済み 3か月前に更新

WP and Divi Icons

Add 300+ optimized and infinitely scalable SVG vector icons that can be used anywhere on your WordPress website and quickly customized to any color an …

Aspen Grove Studios 有効インストール数: 10,000+ 5.8.0で検証済み 2週間前に更新

Enable SVG

Enables SVG uploads in the Media Library. Compatible with changes to file upload validation introduced in WordPress 4.7.

Room 34 Creative Services, LLC 有効インストール数: 500+ 5.8.2で検証済み 2か月前に更新

The Icon Block

Effortlessly add an SVG icon or graphic to your website or choose one from the WordPress icon library.

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Enable SVG Uploads

Enable SVG uploads in Media Library and other file upload fields.

Lewis Cowles 有効インストール数: 300+ 5.7.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新

CITS Support svg, webp Media Upload

WordPress doesn't allow the .svg, .webp format for media upload and gives an error. Active the Plugin and Enjoy. uploads your Svg, Webp Images Sa …

Ashik 有効インストール数: 20+ 5.7.4で検証済み 7か月前に更新