Daily Prayer Time

Display prayer time in any screen, in any language and many more.

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WP Date and Time Shortcode

Shortcode to show any current, past, and future date or time. Display this, previous, or next year, month, day, etc.

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Meks Time Ago

Automatically change your post date display to "time ago" format like 1 hour ago, 3 days ago, etc…

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Muslim Prayer Time BD

"Muslim Prayer Time BD" plugin provides the ability to display prayer (salat) times as well as Sehri and Iftar times for Muslims with pretty …

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Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce

Order Delivery Date plugin allows the customers to choose a delivery date and time on the checkout page. The WooCommerce delivery date and time will b …

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Reading Time WP

Reading Time WP creates an estimated reading time of your posts that is inserted above the content or by using a shortcode.

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WP Maximum Execution Time Exceeded

Did you receive a message, "Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded?" Not anymore. Just Plug'n-Play. It's that easy!

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WP Time Slots Booking Form

WP Time Slots Booking Form creates booking forms for booking time slots into the calendar dates.

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Better Find and Replace

Easily Find and replace text, code blocks, URLs, Footer credits, jQuery / Ajax loaded text or anything in real-time. Search replace within database to …

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Blog Time


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Use Client's Time Zone

Sets the default time zone for PHP scripts to that of the client.

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Real-Time Find and Replace

WordPress のページ生成後、訪問者のブラウザへ送信する前に行われる検索・置換ルールを設定できます。

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Change Empty Trash Time

This plugin adds a new setting in the last position of Settings > General, this option will allow you to select the days that WordPress take to emp …

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Time Machine

Time Machine widget list articles published in past, relative to current date for specified offset of time, including all years of blogging (Ok, at le …

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Bulk Datetime Change


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Worth The Read

An adjustable progress meter showing how much of the post/page the user has scrolled through, and a read time commitment label near the post titles.

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