Senpai Software – Two-factor authentication (2FA) with a key file



This plugin gives you the ability to turn any file on your computer into a unique key which you will use to access the admin area.

The plugin only works using HTTPS!


  • File is not downloaded or stored physically on the site.
  • The plugin does not create additional security risks.
  • Plugin code does not create additional load on the site.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Provides the maximum level of protection against brute force attacks. Even if a hacker has access to your computer, it will be extremely difficult for him to guess which file is the key.
  • Any file can be used as a key, for example: photo, video, text document, song, operating system system file, whatever…
  • File size up to 1 GB.

Keep in mind that if you change the contents of the file selected as a key, you will not be able to access the admin area.


  • This is what the login page will look like
  • This is how the section in the profile settings will look like


Where are the settings?

Settings are located in the edit section of your profile

What should I do if I have lost my key file?

If you are not an administrator.
Ask your site administrator to turn off two-factor authentication for your profile. After that, you will be able to log in using only your login and password, and then select a new file.

If you are administrator.
* Go to your website database.
* Find usermeta table.
* Find the row where ‘user_id’ = your user ID, and ‘meta_key’ = ‘senpai_software_2fa_status’.
* Change the value of the ‘meta_value’ field to ‘disable’.
* Now you can use only login and password, and then choose a new key file.


2023年4月18日 1 reply
All was good until I got with no reason the Invalid Key error message. I manage many websites and it was really painful to fix this error through all the websites. I have not changed the file nor open it, so I really don't understand what I got this error message. This was exactly why I wanted to try this plugin because it different from the others WP2FA. I will update my review if this problem is fixed in the next update. Update: As promised I updated my review and gave you 5 stars. I hope this bug will not occur in the future.
2023年3月23日 1 reply
Обычно двуфакторка всегда напрягает потому что не удобно. А тут просто файл выбрал на компе и не нужно все время телефон искать...


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  • Misc: Add deactivation function.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where an admin couldn’t change another user’s settings.
  • Misc: Replaced wp_hash with sha1.


  • Release this plugin to the masses!