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Abismal technical support

ShareThis clearly has management problems: no support for the latest WordPress releases, no updates in almost a year, poor rating scores since the downturn. Too bad. The integration with myCRED would be nice but no way I'll pay for a subscription to broken software.

Used to use it, not anymore, they track your users data

This plugin used to be excellent but lately I have seen a lot of malware ads popping up on my website by using this plugin. Fake Chrome updates started to appear and replaced the pages users were at on the site. Sneaky redirections, tracking users, displaying fake google chrome update ads. Just do not USE THIS PLUGIN. You have been warned.

Sending data without user consent

Used to be good. Recent update it is now full of malware. Sending data without user consent or ever even mentioning it. Do not install this plugin unless you want pixel,,,,,,,,

Can not be uninstalled, do not use

Do not install and definitely don't activate the ShareThis plugin. Once installed it places trackers on your site that cannot be removed and it leaves the sharing bar on the website even after the plugin appears to have been uninstalled.

Virus plugin

It is true that this plugin adds a ton (like over 40) of tracking scripts and other spyware to the site. It will slow the website down even with caching. Besides that, why in the heck have they put all these tracking scripts in and why does allow trash plugins like this to stay active, because this really wastes our time. DON'T INSTALL THIS, IT IS A BAD PLUGIN. Although the buttons are cute, if you don't look at the code and what's really happening.


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