Shopping Feed For Google


Shopping Feed for Google plugin provides seamless integration with Google Merchant Centre.

Our Experience

After working with 500+ stores and their Google Shopping campaigns, We realised, We need something better than all the options available.

Instant Sync with Google

You just link your WooCommerce Store with Google Merchant Center(Plugin helps you do it) and the Plugin does its job on its own. No need to submit Feed URL and set fetching frequency and other settings.
There is another benefit, Product updates don’t have to wait for Google to fetch the feed. Updates are pushed by the plugin to Google Merchant Center within a few mins of the update.

Promotions Feed for All or Specific Products

Now you can create Promotions Feed within Plugin for both, Specific and All Products
You can assign Promotions to Specific Products using Robust filtering and Bulk Edit features of the Plugin.

Robust Interface

Precise Management of Additional Values required by Google. You can Add Custom Labels, Google Product Categories, Product Condition, Age, Gender, Custom Product and many more values either in Bulk or product by product.

Advanced Filtering Options

by Vendor
by Product Type
by Tags
by Google Product Categories Applied
by Age
by Gender
by Promotions Applied
by Material Assigned
by Pattern Assigned
by Custom Labels Applied or not applied

When you are working on the addition of custom labels, google product categories, defining age and gender of products, you should be able to filter the products based on several parameters. This plugin provides you to filter the products on Above listed parameters…

Includes All variants

Now you can submit All the Variants of each product with their own SKUs and GTIN.
SKU will be submitted as MPN and Barcodes will be submitted as GTIN for each variant. This improves the number of impressions your products can get.

You can use Custom Titles and Descriptions For Feed only.

Second Image as Product Image and Additional Images

Now you can use the second image as product image as in many stores, first images are having actual backgrounds that Google does not like much.

SKUs As Product IDs

You get an option to select which will submit SKUs as product IDs.
You get an option to select which will submit Variant ID as product IDs.
You get an option to select which will submit Product Group ID with Variant ID.

Support for Additional Labels

Our Plugin allows you to add Shipping Labels (For Complex Shipping Settings), Return Policy Label (For Google Express’s Different Return Policy requirements), Ads Label (For Dynamic Remarketing Ads Filtering).

If you have any concern related to this plugin get in touch with us at


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Shopping Feed for Google plugin installation and setup steps:

  1. Upload the folder shopping-feed-for-google to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Click on ‘Shopping Feed for Google’ Menu added in the admin navigation
  4. Click on “Setup App” button
  5. It will redirect you to our Web-based Interface and open your session
  6. You will have to log in with your Google account which is associated with Google Merchant Centre
  7. Choose your Feed configurations and Request for generate Feed
  8. The plugin will automatically get products from your WooCommerce and Submit it to Google Merchant Centre.


How does it work?

This Plugin will allow us to Sync your Products from WooCommerce to Google Merchant Centre. We are using Content API which will sync your product updates within a few minutes.

Is there a trial available?

You will get 21 Days of the trial period which allows you to use all available features. After that, there is a charge based on Total Products available on your WooCommerce Store.

Support available?

We are proving one of the best Customer Support. Get in touch with us at


I used SimproSys when my store was on Shopify. I do marketing for a living and even recommended that app to some clients. I had a positive experience then so when I decided to migrate to WooCommerce, I asked if they had an app. At the time they said no so I was surprised when six weeks later after migration was complete, that there was a new Simprosys plugin for Woocommerce. Without hesitation I downloaded it expecting the same quality of product, level of service and efficiency that I had received when I was on Shopify. Didn't happen. In fact, the polar opposite happened. It has been a terrible, frustrating experience that has lingered. It seems as if they put this app together in a rush without doing any proper QA. They do not seem capable of handling volume of support and given I am in California and they are in India, it is often days before i get a response. When I first installed the app, it took weeks to get a proper setup. My GMC was suspended because they failed to set up the feed properly. I emailed and received canned responses without any consideration for the circumstances. I finally managed to get in touch with the owner who finally fixed the situation and managed to get my account out of suspension. I worked on the feed and filled in the data that didn't migrate from Shopify and finally got approved for enhanced listings again. I was happy until suddenly I got a barrage of errors in my GMC account and a notification that I was no longer eligible for enhanced listings. I went back to Simprosys and noticed all the brand and product type fields that I had manually entered were now empty. I assumed this threshold of error is what suddenly threw my account into not eligible for enhanced listings. I again went and filled in the data blanks and emailed simprosys who told me I had "uninstalled the plugin" which is not accurate. Their rep didn't even bother to look. The plugin was never uninstalled. When I expressed frustration at no longer having enhanced listings, they blamed Google. When I approved payment for the app, I kept getting an error message. They claimed it was related to a security plugin I had active and rather than fix their app, they suggested I uninstall this plugin in order to use their app which is totally unreasonable. I notice I will update something in my store and 48 hours will go by and it still hasn't updated in Simprosys. There is no way to manually sync. I emailed them about this 3 days ago and have received no response. Do not use this plugin if you want a Google Merchant Center account in good standing and expect support. It is nothing like their Shopify app and has a ton of issues that they will not acknowledge. If you want constant frustration and issues with GMC, then this app is for you.
The support team fix all problems i did have with ads shopping config. Congratulations for all team.
This is The best plug-in I’ve ever tried for Google merchant center/ Google Ads! Vert easy setup and it just works awesome! If you have any questions, the support is great! And fast answering. Top recommendations from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Really a good plugin to auto sync all your woocommerce products to google merchant centre. It will be great if they keep updating this plugin and I belive it wont give any load to my site
I've been using this plugin for my Shopify stores. I'm glad they extend their support for Woocommerce. I guess this plugin is the best in the market when it comes to shopping feeds.


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  • We strongly suggest to upgrade your old version to 1.3
  • Fix issue with WooCommerce API
  • Fix curl timeout error


  • Added Conversion Tracking


  • Dynamic Remarketing Tags and Conversion Tracking tag fixes applied.
  • Remarketing tag bug fix for variable products.
  • Products submission from a single or multiple categories.