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Great Slider

Great slider – used it on one of my own websites when the built in theme slider was not good enough.

Tedious, overlapping products, confusing website, and beyond geekiness support

They have several very similar products, usually with just one or two features out of many that are different. Download one, try it, get bombarded with recommended alternatives. If you think it does the job for you, pay to upgrade, get diverted to a page that has another product on it. Not realising, waste ten hours trying to get it to work (it always ALMOST looks as though it has but some little quirk doesn’t work the way you’d expect). Eventually go online to ‘chat’ with a support person.


Two hours later, they are still bombarding you with ideas as to what might work, getting you to install other versions, telling you which one you need, then once you have done so, saying that it doesn’t contain a feature (we’re talking a whole lightbox module missing!) and still insisiting that it was your fault you downloaded a product that you didn’t want in the first place, so you need to pay them another load of money to get the right one.

They were still sending me messages half an hour after I had cut my losses, deleted all their products, installed Wonderplugin, tested it, bought the commercial version, and got it running as I wanted in the first place!

Beyond belief.

Excellent Support!

Couldn’t be happier with the support I received. They helped with customizations and had a fast turn-around time. Highly recommend!



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