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Love how easy this plugin is to use... and has great features! Had a coding issue with my theme template and Catapult plugin support was super quick at finding the fix for me to work around my theme's limitations. Awesome customer service. Thanks!
This is the only plugin to easily replace the featured image with an image slider. Next to this, the slider is very flexible with a lot of option to customize it to your liking. And above all, all of this for free! Credits to the plugin author Garreth!
Perfect, user friendly slider with a professional look. Easy to integrate into any website. Support was truly phenomenal, Gareth went above and beyond to assist me, would gladly use this slider on all of our websites and will be looking into supporting any other plug ins they may add to their product list. Love it!
How do you display it? Can't find anything that says how to actually display the slider. The link to the documentation goes to a blank page.


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