Swipecart is the mobile app builder which is highly preferred by small and big e-commerce organizations looking to boost mobile conversions, increase the fold of repeat orders, and increase revenue.

Set up and integrate your site with Swipecart mobile app.

This plugin isn’t an app maker in and of itself; instead, it aids in the integration of your app with ecommerce sites just install and activate.

A few notes about the Activation of the Swipecart:

When it comes to transitioning from WooCommerce to an Android or iOS app, Swipecart is just the ideal choice for many organizations. Developing a mobile app often needs extensive programming and technical skills. You can simply transform your e-commerce business into a mobile app using Swipecart no-code mobile app builder without any technical knowledge.

Swipecart enables you to get an eCommerce app that is perfectly integrated to your WooCommerce store. Here is how to install and activate Swipecart and generate Storefront Token for Woocommerce. Simply follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Woocommece settings and Click on the Integrations button.
  • You will see Swipecart integrations and there is your Storefront Token for Woocommerce.


  • Start your personalized app development with Swipecart by integrating our services with your Wooommerce site.


Is it possible to change my Storefront Token?

Yes, you can change them, but you’ll have to deactivate, uninstall, and then reinstall the Swipecart plugin in order to get a new Storefront Token.

Is it possible to add more sophisticated features?

Yes, you certainly can. We recommend you to check out the web link given below and purchase our enterprise plan to do so. This plan is perfect if you wish to integrate custom features. Swipecart Pricing

Is this Secure to use?

Yes, We ensure full security for our customers. Our API’s are secure and end-to-end encrypted. We refer our API’s through our private broker, who doesn’t have any personal third-party access to anyone.

Can I run without Woocommerce?

No, It’s our main dependency so you can not run the plugin without Woocommerce.

Is this compatible with all WordPress versions?

No, we recommend you to use this plugin on wordpress 4.9+. It works just perfect!

Are these APIs directly accessible?

No, The Storefront Token is 64-bit secure, and you’ll need Storefront Token to run all the APIs.




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  • Fix: Swipecart uninstallation hook temporary fixed.


  • Tweak: Swipecart Popup Library Optimized.


  • New: Created Remove Customer API.
  • New: Development and Staging version released.
  • Fix: $this removed from encryption to save time.
  • Tweak: Un-installation hook updated.
  • Tweak: Versioning comment is now since.


  • Fix: Swipecart Page redirection will work now.


  • Fix: Disabled some functions until Woocommerce is not activated.
  • Tweak: Moified comments in popup js.


  • Tweak: Login User also can access data with their token.
  • Tweak: ChangeProfile phone number is now not a required field.
  • Fix: fixed hover menu swipecart screen in admin panel.


  • New: Added new filter for product search.
  • Tweak: attribute terms key changed in product filter API.


  • Fix: Empty installation site data error.


  • New: Now People can search with product category as well.
  • New: Introduced new product filter API.
  • Fix: Product API incomplete varient price set to empty string.
  • Fix: Key fixes for non available products and line items.
  • Fix: changed some functions name to camelCase.
  • Tweak: Dynamic URL set for development,staging and live store.


  • New: Now Developers can develop into Swipecart WordPress.
  • New: Created GeneralUtility functions for Higher-level development.
  • New: Added Dependancy for enqueue Scripts.
  • New: Popup Integration is under development.
  • Tweak: Global variable condition changed.


  • New: Inserted assets library.
  • Tweak: Updated new admin menu icon.
  • Fix: Added Icon global removed.


  • New: Added Icon Library.
  • Tweak: Response Code changed for unsuccessful authorization.
  • Tweak: moved swipecart menu outside of the Woocommerce.


  • New: Autologin with rentechdigital added.
  • New: Added loghook.
  • New: New nonce verification method added for external use.
  • New: Hostname verification added.
  • New: To access direct drag-n-drop feature added swipecart admin menu page.
  • Fix: Enhanced security for encryption.
  • Tweak: Response changed for Successfully verified StoreFront Token.
  • Tweak: Utility function constructor method changed.


  • Tweak: removed validation callback from updateAddress API.


  • Fix: Checkout page attr_value bug resolved
  • Tweak: Numeric Array Intiger Sanitizer updated with unique value.


  • New: Added Change Password API.
  • New: Managed Cart Line.
  • Tweak: Updated ChangePassword API.
  • Tweak: Updated Checkout Flow.


  • Fix: Updated shipping_phone to billing_phone in API controller.


  • Fix: Product option value bug resolved.


  • New: Added Debug log function.
  • Tweak: transient upgraded.


  • Tweak: Updgraded API to 2.0 and deprecated previous.
  • Tweak: Upgraded 64-bit Access Security of Storefront Token.


  • Tweak: Updated query response for product.
  • New: added test API for authorization.


  • New: Initial release.
  • New: Added Woocommerce dependancy.
  • New: Added 128-bit Access Security.