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Logging and Tracking your User visit History

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Easy Analytics Tracking

Easy Analytics Tracking is a free tool to help you to i…

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Adds essential functionalities to your WordPress instal…

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WP Tag Manager Event

An easy way to create and manage your Google Analytics …

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Friendly Analytics

Official WordPress plugin for Friendly Analytics (frien…

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Snorkel combines your sales data and chat transcripts t…

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LH Google Analytics

Add one or more Google Analytics trackers to your websi…

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Surmetric Surveys

A WordPress plugin that allows you to post a survey/pol…

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Mapp Intelligence

The plugin adds the Mapp Intelligence tracking code to …

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SEO Friendly GA

This plugin inserts your Google Analytics Tracking Code…

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Web Vitals

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Post Analytics by Algohex

Track your post visit and record in your own database. …

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