Simple Banner

Display a simple banner/bar at the top of your website.

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Announcement Bar

A fixed position (header) HTML with jQuery drop-down an…

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Blog Floating Button

Blog Floating Button(BFB)は、ブログにフロートボタンを簡単に実装できるプラグインです。…

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Information Reel

Information Reel wordpress plugin create the reel type …

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Sticky banner

Display a sticky banner/bar at the top or bottom of you…

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Effect Maker

Extend WordPress with this JavaScript web effect creati…

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Cool fade popup

Sometimes its useful to add a popup to your site to sho…

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Easy way to adding announcements in your WordPress site

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Announcement Banner

Display a banner at the top or bottom of your WordPress…

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Beautifully designed newsfeed powered with fancy announ…

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Do you wanna inform any important news or message to yo…

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