WP Form

wordpress 表单,可用于收集用户信息,如报名表单等。Form Page for WordPress.

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Auto Post Download

Provide to your users easy way of downloading posts.

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Qiniu Uploader

You can upload your image to qiniu cloud storage

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百度云附件 BCS-Support

使用百度云存储BCS作为附件存储空间。 This is a plugin that use Baidu Clo…

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Change attachment size

Install the plugin. No options yet, sorry.

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Reset Thumbnails

Reset Thumbnails allows you to set the default thumbnai…

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DD Attachments

Just another DD plugin. DD-attachments is the UI-friend…

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Cool Contact

The Cool Contact is an easy to install and use contact …

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Set Featured Attachment

This plugin will create "set featured attachment&q…

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Prevent spam comments and pingbacks on your image and o…

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Attachment Usage

Find easily attachment and media files used in differen…

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LH Media Mime Types

Enables you to filter the media listing by the media mi…

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Zedna Contact form

Contact from with attachments and reCaptcha in shortcod…

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This plugin creates text based images for uploaded atta…

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Auto URL Regenerator

Auto URL Regenerator is a plugin that adds a unique ide…

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