FC's Auto Loan Calculator

Calculates loan payment and downpayment or affordable c…

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BMI / IMC Calculator

A simple calculator to show your users BMI (Body Mass I…

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Calculator Builder

A simple way to create an online calculator

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EMI Calculator

Use EMI calculator as shortcode in post content or widg…

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Adds a widget that display a simple calculator.

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Tiny Yardage Calculator

Calculates yards of material needed to cover square fee…

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Ovulation Calculator

This Ovulation Calculator will calculate your period, f…

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Calconic WordPress

Build a custom calculator on CALCONIC and easily add it…

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CC Mortgage Calculator

Add a free simple customizable mortgage calculator to y…

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Investment Calculator

This plugin displays functional compounding investment …

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Elemental Calculator

Insert a simple calculator in your WordPress website wi…

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BMI Calculator

This BMI calculator can give out the BMI value as well …

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Simple Price Calculator

Simple Price Calculator is a WordPress plugin that can …

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Responsive BMI Calculator

A BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, free, responsive an…

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