Classic Editor

Enables the previous "classic" editor and the…

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TinyMCE Advanced

Extends and enhances the Block Editor (Gutenberg) and t…

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Disable Gutenberg

Disable Gutenberg Block Editor and restore the Classic …

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Classic Editor Addon

This free "Classic Editor Addon" plugin makes…

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No Gutenberg – Disable Gutenberg Block Editor

Disable the Gutenberg Block Editor

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Gutenberg Ramp

Restores legacy editor or enables Gutenberg selectively…

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Guten Free Options

Gutenberg Free Options for your WordPressed Burger err …

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Highlighting Code Block

「Highlighting Code Block」は、綺麗にシンタックスハイライトされたコードブロックをクリッ…

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Disable Gutenberg

Deactivate Gutenberg

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