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AJAX powered realtime comments. Designed to extend Word…

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WP Forms Puzzle Captcha

This plugin used to add Puzzle Captcha to WordPress log…

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Advanced Comment Form

Advanced Comment Form lets you customize plenty of thin…

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Eazy CF Captcha

Eazy C(omment)F(orm) Captcha adds a mathematic exercise…

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Disable Comment Url

Nice and simple plugin help you to remove URL from comm…

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Customize and optimize comments in WordPress

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Stop Comment Form Spam

New WordPress 3.6 or higher plugin which removes the we…

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EmojiCal comment with emoji

This plugin provides a Lighweight Emoji box to the Comm…

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Comment Form Access

This plugin gives two methods to limit access to commen…

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autometa's FORMA

It generates comment forms in posts simply via: [forma]…

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