Dynamic Conditions

Activates conditions for dynamic tags to show/hide a wi…

RTO GmbH 有効インストール数: 40,000+ 5.9.3で検証済み 6日前に更新

Advanced Text Widget

Text widget with raw PHP support and conditional visibi…

Max Chirkov 有効インストール数: 7,000+ 4.9.20で検証済み 4年前に更新


Add an "Agree to terms" check box on login, r…

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LH Agree to Terms

Add a HTML5 "Agree to terms" check box on log…

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This plugin easily displays a weather widget (icon + te…

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Surf Conditions

This is a WordPress plugin that uses the Magic Sea Weed…

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IF AS Shortcode

You can use if statement as shortcode everywhere you wa…

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Publishing Conditions

Prevent yourself from publishing unfinished posts.

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WP-Disclaim-Me is a plugin that lets you create a discl…

Dominic Fallows 有効インストール数: 10+ 2.8で検証済み 13年前に更新