Lightweight Sidebar Manager


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WP Custom Widget area

A very simple way to create a custom widget area, sideb…

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Widgetize Pages Light

Drop widgets in page or post content area. Widgetized p…

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Sidebar Manager Light

Create custom sidebars (widget areas) and replace any e…

OTWthemes 有効インストール数: 3,000+ 5.3.4で検証済み 6か月前に更新

WordPress Custom Sidebar

With this plugin you can handle sidebar contents like p…

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CG Dynamic Sidebar

CG Dynamic Sidebar helps you to add/create multiple sid…

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Custom Sidebar Links

Customize the sidebar of any page on your site by creat…

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sidebar creator

This is a automatic sidebar creator plugin. Anyone can …

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Power Widgets Lite

Power Widgets creates custom widget areas (AKA custom s…

Super Plugin 有効インストール数: 60+ 3.9.32で検証済み 6年前に更新

Buddypress Sidebar

This plugin enables you to have multiple sidebars for B…

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